Rivers of Nihil Rages At Gas Monkey Live!! – Dallas, TX 4/15/18

The music industry (specifically heavy metal) has experienced some positive and negative changes over the years, one of them being the need for bands and labels to make touring packages worthy of running by keeping them to a reasonable amount of bands. This way everyone’s able to afford their individual economical responsibilities after the show. As a consequence, I’ve seen the average number of bands per show decreased in recent years.

And then a phenomenal tour was announced this year, featuring death metal monsters DYING FETUS, Australia’s THY ART IS MURDER, the American deathcore band ENTERPRISE EARTH and the incredible death metal band RIVERS OF NIHIL as an opener. All these four bands seemed to have the potential to crush their fans’ skulls, and it looks like they pretty much did at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, TX. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately, due to team member Zenae getting an injury in the photo pit from some asshole doing spin kicks, we are only doing RIVERS OF NIHIL’S set.) 

This show was for sure a must-go since the doors opened. RIVERS OF NIHIL delivered an incredibly solid set, composed of only five songs, but with enough duration to warm up the crowd fast and violently. With their third album, Where Owls Know My Name (out now on Metal Blade Records) just released a month before the show, RIVERS OF NIHIL used everything they had to make it clear that being the opening band of an awesome tour does not necessarily mean that they won’t have a ton of fans show up to get sweaty early in the night.

Even though they did not play “Perpetual Growth Machine”, my favorite song, they filled every second with extreme doses of death metal such as “The Silent Life”, “Rain Eater”, “Reign of Dreams”, and “Sand Baptism”. Do not miss this band when they come near you! All in all: amazing show. 100% death metal, and every song released so much energy. Great job to all the bands, and let’s show the world that metal (and specifically death metal) isn’t going anywhere. Also, make sure you write all these bands names’ down. Once they’re close to your town, the consequence will be catastrophic.



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