Supersuckers/Speedealer/The Sweet Things Rock The Knitting Factory!! – NYC 6/14/18

On June 14 The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NYC presented a fantastic line up of Rock! THE SWEET THINGS, straight from city streets of the East Village, opened the show with a fun upbeat song called “Through the Cracks of the City”. This was my first time seeing the band’s entire set, and I definitely got my fill. Let’s talk about down and dirty rock n roll, because that’s what THE SWEET THINGS were serving up.

They have that ROLLING STONES vibe with their own unique bluesy style. Dave’s vocals, together with Sam’s rhythm, Lorne’s infectious guitar riffs, and Darren’s grooving drum beats, nothing will stop these stars from rising to the top. I’m looking forward to seeing them perform at Wendy Scripps (Wendigo Productions LLC) Birthday Bash on July 18 at The Bowery Electric. Well done Fellas!

Punk/Metal band SPEEDEALER from Dallas, TX hit the stage fast, hard, and heavy, as they performed “Screamer”, which is featured  on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game, and has become one of my new favorite songs. I was diggin’ their in your face fierce energy. Daniel (Lead vocals) has such a strong stage presence, that hits you right in your face. Ricky (Bass), Eric (guitar) and Harden (Drums) all bring an intense sound that melds right along with Daniel’s savage vocals. Their songs make you want to form a mosh pit and start thrashing around, just like you did when you were in high school.

The coolest part of SPEEDEALER is that Harden Harrison was the original drummer for Thrash Metal Band RIGOR MORTIS. Please, tell me you know who they are! Thought you old school Metal Heads would be interested to know that, if you didn’t already. Going into their last song, Eric started tearing away at the guitar, and the band joined in creating a balls out sound, Daniel came in on the vocals and pretty much blew us away. “Pig Fucker” is the song, off the Burned Alive album. Man, everyone was going crazy, it was a sight to see. Thanks SPEEDEALER for a fantastic set!!

American rock band SUPERSUCKERS a.k.a “The Greatest Rock n Roll Band In The World” originally from Tucson, Arizona made there way onto the stage. Fans were whistling, hooting and hollering with enthusiasm. Everyone was so happy to see the SUPERSUCKERS, the excitement and energy filled the air. The played “Suck It” off their upcoming album. Eddie Spaghetti and ‘Metal’ Marty have a great time on stage joking around, while ‘Captain’ Chris Von Streicher has a smile from ear to ear, backing it all up with his intense drum beats. Marty pulled the crowd in with his awesome guitar solos, and everyone was digging it.

The band played a few crowd favorites towards the end of their set including “Pretty Fucked Up” and “Born with a Tail.” I had so much for at this show, SUPERSUCKERS never let their fans down. They deliver fun rock n roll, with a fierceness that keeps you smiling and wanting more. The band has been rocking out since 1988 and they’re still going strong, proving rock n roll is not dead. New York City will always welcome their southern metal rockin’ sound.


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