Kissin’ Dynamite – Ecstasy

Truth be told I was not really a fan of KISSIN’ DYNAMITE’S last outing, Generation Goodbye. Coming off the sheer awesomeness of 2014’s Megalomania, the next record just felt like a letdown for me. To put it bluntly I felt the disc lacked good hooks, and that was that. Spun it a couple times and moved on. Now here we are two years later and the boys from southern Germany return with Ecstasy (out now, Metal Blade Records). I really wanted to review this one much earlier, but life gets in the way sometimes. So, how is it? Let’s put it this way: the record kicks 50 shades of ass and then some!!

Opening anthem “I’ve Got the Fire” is not only one Hell of a way to get this party started, it’s also one of my favorites on the record. Shit, it’s one of my favorite KISSIN’ DYNAMITE songs, period. Oh, and it was my ringtone until this past Saturday when I replaced it with another killer track, but more on that later. “You’re Not Alone” picks up the ball and runs with it, singer Hannes Braun really going for it on the chorus and nailing it, obviously. I don’t think it’s false to call this one empowering, not at all. Meanwhile “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” is a fierce rocker that moves and grooves and will definitely have asses out of seats in no time flat if played live on tour.

Now we come to another album favorite with the title track “Ecstasy” featuring a guest vocal from EXIT EDEN’S Anna Brunner. Believe me when I tell you that the back and forth between her and Braun is truly remarkable. Ande Braun and Jim Müller’s guitar tandem only makes the engine rev higher as the band is ready, set, GO!! “Still Around” is one of those songs about back in the day and all the memories associated with being young. As a 45-year old metalhead who came up during the 80’s this one definitely made me smile. “Breaking the Silence” is uncharacteristic of anything I’ve heard this band do before, albeit in a good way. I found myself repeating this one quite a bit.

The anthems continue with “One More Time” and bonus track “No Time to Wonder”, the latter of which is my ABSOLUTE favorite on this album and my current ringtone that replaced “I’ve Got the Fire.” This song is 100% USDA Prime my number one from these guys now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Fuck me running, I love it and I play the shit out of it constantly!! So what have we learned? We learned that KISSIN’ DYNAMITE still know how to deliver asskicking, fist-in-the-air, stadium-filling rockers eleven years into their career and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Glad to have you back with Ecstasy, boys. And Hannes, you produced this album perfectly. Other bands need to start booking your services!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “No Time to Wonder”, “Ecstasy”, “I’ve Got the Fire”, “Still Around”, “Breaking the Silence”

RATING: 9/10

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