Wilson – Tasty Nasty

Detroit’s official party band is back to punch you in the face, take your girlfriend and drink your beer. And WILSON does all of those things so well you won’t even be mad they did it. After all, these guys have never taken themselves or their martial too seriously. Having a good time is high on their list and you can’t help but appreciate their particular brand of Fuckery in an industry that is wrought with bands thinking they are changing the world. WILSON just wants to serve you another drink along with some tasty rock and roll.

The follow-up to 2015’s Right to Rise, the new album Tasty Nasty (August 24, RED Music) finds the band in a slightly different state of mind. There seems to be less of a focus on aggression this time out and more of a focus on making fun songs. Not necessarily a bad thing because the record still rocks. However, Chad Nicefield (vocals), Jason Spencer (lead guitar), Kyle Landry (rhythm guitar), James Lascu (bass), and Matt Puhy (drums) tried something a little different and I encourage you to keep an open mind with this album.

Right out of the gate “Dumptruck” kicks you in the balls with a heavy dose of old school WILSON. One of the best tracks they have ever done, this song had everything you’ve come to expect from these guys. Pounding drums, tasty guitars and powerful vocals with an infectious chorus. They knock it out of the park on this jam and I simply couldn’t get enough.

“Wrong Side Of History” kicks all kinds of ass. You cannot sit still while this one is playing. Toes tap and heads bob on autopilot with this funky groove. Chad sounds fantastic here and this is yet another all time great song from the WILSON catalogue. An amazing one-two punch to start things out and we are off to the races.

“Fuck Up My High” is another ball buster that ticks the metal quotient up a notch. A nasty riff paired well with a soaring chorus has the band clicking on all cylinders like a big Detroit V8. Rounding out an impressive album full of tunes is “Like a Baller”, “My Hustle” and “Money (Money Money Money)”.

As I said before, WILSON took a slightly less aggressive approach with this album. There are some songs on there that have a more laid back approach but with that same flavor. Think of summer, sitting by the pool and drinking beer. It’s a fun record and I really enjoyed my time with it. Go grab a copy of Tasty Nasty as soon as you can. I guarantee you’ll be listening to some of these songs for years to come.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Fuck Up My High”, “Dumptruck”, “Wrong Side Of History”

RATING: 8/10


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