Erasure Brings Their World Be Gone Tour To Toyota Music Factory!! – Irving, TX 8/3/18

ERASURE took to Toyota Music Factory and opened the evening with a high energy version of “Oh L’Amour” from their 1986 release Wonderland. The stage lit up with multi level geometry in LED lights. Rectangles turned vertically on either side of the stage seemed to shadowbox two backup singers inside each of them. Another layer of rectangles poised horizontally high on top, and in the center cradled keyboardist Vince Clark.

Singer Andy Bell appeared on stage wearing cartoon clad leggings that from a distance looked like camouflage, a sequined T-shirt, and a suit jacket appeared as though a large candle had melted onto his shoulders as the wax dripped down his sleeves, back and chest. The audience immediately rose to their feet and began singing and dancing as though the song had been engraved in their heart.

“Ship Of Fools” followed and our shadowboxed backup singers came forward into the light for us to get a good look at them. With vivid red hair and silver shoes the backup singers wowed us with their talent and costumes. Andy took a moment to tell the audience that they looked spectacular and of course everyone went wild! Soon after Vince Clarke pulled out his acoustic guitar for “Just a Little Love” from the recent release World Be Gone.

“Chains of Love” followed and the show took on a whole new energy with moving light fixtures and spotlights flashing on the audience. The crowd screamed in pure excitement. Andy threw off his jacket and eventually his sequined T-shirt came off to reveal the complete cartoon outfit skin tight from tip to toe. Andy exclaimed, “As always I love to leave the stage naked!” and once again the crowd went crazy as they broke into “Victim Of Love.”

During “Don’t Cry” he broke out some signature dance moves that seemed to work the audience into a frenzy. “Who Needs Love Like That” followed the title track from latest album World be Gone before they jumped into an over the top version of BLONDIE’S “Atomic.”

They topped off the night with “A Little Respect” while the crowd sang “I’m so in love with you!” at the top of their lungs!! Of course Andy’s unmistakable dance moves appeared and the crowd screamed with delight.

All night long I watched as groups of friends hugged each other and sang the lyrics out loud as they clearly were remembering wonderful times from the past. Everyone clearly enjoyed themselves and it’s no wonder this tour is selling out all over the world.



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