No Gods – Paradise

Sometimes you just need a record that’s gonna kick you up the ass and get you out of a funk. I can safely say I’ve found that record with NO GODS’ self-released latest release Paradise, which is out as we speak. A potent mix of Thrash and Speed Metal, with some Hardcore elements thrown in, this disc could just as easily have been released in 1988 as 2018. Hailing from Bethlehem, PA the boys actually aren’t too far away from me, so hopefully I’ll get to take in one of their shows in future. As far as the seven tracks featured here, let’s take a look.

Musically the band plays with a no fucks given mentality. It’s straight up chaos, but not in a noisy, grating way. There is a rawness to these tracks that will make you want to break things. “Beloved” and “Baptism” are perfect examples of this. In fact, “Baptism” might just be my favorite tune on this whole thing. The vocals have the same anger and vitriol that some of the Thrash Metal forefathers used to have, and that’s refreshing. Not that today’s veterans are putting out crap mind you, but it’s a bit hard for some of them to muster up real venom when they’ve got seven zeroes in the bank account, amiright?

The inevitable comparisons to early SLAYER are out there, and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. “Voices” actually sounds like it could have been on one of those older records. Hmmm…not coincidentally it was another of my favorites, as is “Galit.” As far as openers go, “Thawed” employs that classic misdirection I always like, before it lunges across the table to punch you dead in the face. And closer “Loveless” has this killer rat-tat-tat-tat thing going on that I thoroughly enjoyed.

At the end of the day I really dug Paradise. This is definitely a band I can get behind, and I can only imagine what the fuck their live show is like! If you’re looking for something different but familiar, uncompromising, angry as fuck and and ballsy as Hell, then I suggest you check out NO GODS. You can purchase their new album HERE. You’re welcome!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Baptism”, “Voices”, “Galit”, “Loveless”

RATING: 8.5/10

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