Metalfier – Heavy Metal Life

NYC-based band METALFIER released an album over the summer called Heavy Metal Life. I gotta hand it to these guys, they work hard. Singer/guitarist Andrew Janda is dogged in his determination to push this band to the next level. And with this album they just might get there. Or not, who knows? They have opened for some of the most revered names in Metal including ACCEPT and DORO and from what I’ve seen in person, crowds seem to dig them.

The band is relentless as they do what they can to promote not only metal music but the lifestyle that comes with it. Their hustle and adrenaline to perform is what makes them a standout compared to local acts. It is never easy as their album shows their devotion to the genre. Meanwhile, tracks like “Bad Reputation” and “Devil’s Vision” are a perfect showcase for what these guys arae capable of.

At the end of the day, METALFIER have themselves a pretty good record here. Is it Top Albums of 2018-worthy? No. But there is some serious NYC Heavy Metal goodness to be found. And yeah, some of the lyrics are not great but overall, the band really does their best to live the Heavy Metal Life.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Bad Reputation”, “Devil’s Vision”, “NYC Rocks”

RATING: 7/10

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