Triosphere’s Ida Haukland Checks In From ProgPower USA!!

As is often the case, the opportunity presents itself for yours truly to snag a Skype interview or two from ProgPower USA artists. This time around it was none other than singer/bassist Ida Haukland from TRIOSPHERE, a band that I love, as does Mini-Amps. It’s been about four years since their last album The Heart of the Matter was released on AFM Records, and Ida was able to give us some insight on when to expect new music and more. We also got into a discussion of favorite shows we binge watch. Check it:

Amps: I hadn’t listened to (2014’s) The Heart of the Matter in awhile. It was nice to revisit, what a great album!

Ida: Thank you so much, that’s great to hear!

Amps: I can’t believe you’re at ProgPower USA XIX and I am missing it!

Ida: Yeah, we’re very excited to play today. It’s our U.S. debut.

Amps: Well, what do we have to do to get a full U.S. tour, dammit?

Ida: (Laughs) well we are looking into it. But there are a lot of things that need to fall into place to make that happen. We really haven’t gotten there yet, but we are working on making it happen, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

Amps: Is everyone in the band the same?

Ida: There is one change. Our original drummer and one of the founding members, Ørjan Aare Jørgensen, decided to leave after the album. He was like, “Thanks for the great ride guys, but now a different chapter in my life awaits me.” We were fine with that and we wished him well. So we have a new drummer Kenneth Tårneby who joined just before the release in 2014. He fits in very well. We spent quite some time auditioning drummers to find the right one.

There’s one thing about technical skills, but ther also has to be a good feel, and thirdly they have to fit in with the rest of the band. You have to be able to get along well for weeks at a time on the road, and for hours in a car on the way to gigs. We were just over the moon when we found Kenneth. 

Amps: Do you have any sort of timeline as to when we can *ahem* expect new material?

Ida: A new album will be out next year. We are working on it and we KNOW we are slow (laughs). We’ve had four years between the previous albums, and we wanted to make that time gap smaller, not bigger. But things happen. So it won’t be ready for release until next year.

Amps: What do you like to do away from music to unwind?

Ida: We all have day jobs, so music IS the thing that gets us away from everyday life and stress. Aside from that I have a dog, who I am out a lot with. I like to read, and there’s no denying I love to binge watch good series on TV.

Amps: What are you currently binge watching? I just finished Jack Ryan and it was incredible! Queen of the South is another favorite.

Ida: We’ve been watching the big ones like Westworld and Stranger Things. I keep hearing how great Queen of the South is, so I need to check that out. Thanks for the tip on Jack Ryan, I’ll check it out, too!

Amps: What are you listening to when you’re either in the car or hanging at home?

Ida: It can be a lot of things, actually. I listen to the radio a lot, so it’s a big combination of music. I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Devin Townsend. It’s simply mind-blowing, the different layers to his music and his voice. So many emotions depending on which album you’re listening to. Also a lot of old bands; I really should be better at checking out new bands and releases. I keep coming back to a Swedish band called THRONE OF CHAOS who only released a couple of albums. I do listen to a LOT of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. I find them very soothing.

Amps: Anytime a band puts out new music, like you’re getting ready to, I like to ask this: what do you hope the listener takes away from your finished work?

Ida: I hope they think it’s sincere. And that we are honest, and that they can see and hear that. We put a lot of work into our songs, and hopefully that comes through. And obviously we want them to feel something when they listen to us. Music can turn your whole day around, and hopefully we can do that for people.

Amps: What would you like to say to all the TRIOPSHERE fans out there in the world?

Ida: First of all thank you so, so very much for checking us out. And thank you to all of you who leave these amazingly supportive comments on our social media, and those who come up to us after concerts. It means the world to us. We play the music we make because we love it, but we wouldn’t be able to if you didn’t check us out and come to our concerts. It’s you, the listeners, who make this all possible. So we are very grateful. Tip us off to your friends, bring them to the shows, and we just hope we can continue expanding our territory. Playing live is the best thing in the world, and we are definitely working on coming across bigger parts of the world, with North America at the top of our list.

Amps: Ida, go out and kick some ass today, and thanks very much for speaking with me.

Ida: thank you so much and have a lovely day.

So there you have it. My chat with Ida Haukland from TRIOSPHERE. She’s so nice, isn’t she? The report I received said that the band absolutely DID kick ass at ProgPower later that day, so now I really need them to come back to the U.S. so I can take in their live majesty. I also can’t wait for new material from the band. Fingers crossed we get that sooner rather than later in 2019!


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