Sometimes there is nothing better than putting the key in your mailbox and finding a package you had no idea was coming. Such was the case recently when I came home from work only to find CRUSADIST’S self-titled three-song demo waiting for me. I’ve known vocalist Shaun Albro since his days in AGAINST THE PLAGUES and I’m also a big fan of his other current band DEADHAND SYSTEM, so getting this in my hands was really exciting. Another cool thing is that it’s short and sweet, but also gives you a real taste of what this band is about. Their Facebook page says they play Epic Battle Metal (Thrash, Death and Traditional Heavy Metal)…accurate!

I mean Hell, the opening track is titled “Only the Fearless Ride” and it’s six minutes of what can only be described as an epic clash between two sword-wielding armies. “A Moonlit Brigade” hits like a battering ram, and is definitely my favorite of the three. Closer “The Noble Savage” is the most melodic cut, but nonetheless it is still heavy as balls. Overall I really enjoyed this sampling of CRUSADIST and I am very, very interested in hearing a full-length from these guys. Hopefully that comes sooner rather than later. If you want heavy, crushing, soundtrack for war-type tunes, then I highly suggest picking this up. You can grab it HERE. You’re welcome.


RATING: 4.5/5  

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