Incite – Built To Destroy

Here we are with modern Thrash masters INCITE and their fifth album Built to Destroy, out now on Minus HEAD Records. I have flown the flag for these guys for almost five years now, and with good reason. Hell, my physical copy of 2014’s Up In Hell was a mainstay in my Trailblazer till the old girl kicked the bucket. Take the best parts of old-time SEPULTURA, add the best parts of MACHINE HEAD, put in some hefty scoops of riffs and grooves, with an extra scoop of guitar solos, blend vigorously, and the resulting smoothie is what you’ll hear on this disc. The fire and ferociousness of this band never ceases to amaze me, that’s for sure.

Song-wise, the guys are in fine form, starting with the burning alive feel of title track “Built to Destroy” showcasing a riff that flickers like the flames that will end you. “Ruthless Ways” is a sonic bulldozer crashing through your living room, vocalist Richie Cavalera sounding like a man possessed, while guitarist “Dru Tang” Rome attacks his instrument like a junkyard dog that hasn’t been fed in days. Drummer Lennon Lopez flexes his muscles and anchors “Backbone” alongside his rhythm section compadre Christopher “EL” while “Resistance” goes for the throat immediately, and not surprisingly is one of my absolute favorites on the record.

There are a couple of guests stars to be found as well, with CROWBAR’S Kirk Windstein showing up on “Human Cancer” (another favorite), and Chris Barnes from SIX FEET UNDER lending his talents to “Poisoned By Power”, a track that has quite possibly THE most unique guitar tone of the whole thing. Rome definitely adds some new ones throughout, and the sound is very, very cool. I also really enjoyed the dynamic between Cavalera and Barnes on this one. “Confronting Darkness” once again has Rome swinging for the fences and is an absolute headcrusher, sporting arguably his best guitar solo EVER!!

Lopez repeatedly crashes the boards like an NBA center from the first note to the last of “Leech.” Dude is a fucking beast of a drummer and that fact is readily apparent on this number. “Hate For Life” is a big, bombastic song that simply begs to not only be cranked at maximum volume, but also played live on the tour these guys just started two days ago. Here’s hoping they do it when I see them in two weeks. Closing us out is “Savior Self”, and not once do the boys let us come up for air. Hell, that sentiment rings true throughout the entire album.

Man, five albums in and INCITE does it again. This a pissed-off record that will probably be very therapeutic for Thrash Metal fans everywhere. The energy in the room is palpable, and the tracks are pretty much all neck-snappers. Built to Destroy is available everywhere now, so if you’re looking for a disc that will help you get your aggression out through the volume and music, and/or lift the shit out of some weights, then look no further. Well done, gentlemen!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Human Cancer”, “Resistance”, “Leech”, “Poisoned By Power”, “Confronting Darkness”

RATING: 9/10

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