Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar, Weedeater, and Mothership Live At The Gramercy Theatre!! NYC – 2/13/19

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY started their North American tour on January 19 at Alamo City Music Hall in San Antonio, Texas in support of their newest album No Cross No Crown. Opening up the shows are CROWBAR, WEEDEATER, and MOTHERSHIP. This particular tour is special, because it’s the first album to feature vocalist/guitar player Pepper Keenan since they all got back together in 2010. Keenan was busy touring with the band DOWN but had said he would return to CoC. On February 13 the bands performed at The Gramercy Theater in New York City. Fans were eager to get through the doors, and quickly find their spots to witness the heavy rock, sludge, stoner, and hardcore music.

Heavy rock trio MOTHERSHIP from Dallas, TX featuring Kyle Juett (bass/lead vocals), Kelley Juett (guitar/vocals), and Judge Smith (drums) took the stage performing to the earlier crowd. I first discovered the band back in 2017 at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, I have been listening to them a lot and digging their heavy metal and blues-based sound. They opened up with “Lunar Master” from the 2013 album Live Over Freak Valley. This song has the early classic rock sound with a heavy metal feel that reminds me of IRON MAIDEN.

They continued working the crowd, and it became a sea of headbanging rockers. New York City was loving the heavy power trio. The highlight of their set was “Crown of Lies” off the latest album High Strangeness. If you are a heavy rock fan of 70’s/80’s music, you will love this song and the rest of the album. MOTHERSHIP will continue on the remainder of the tour and have no plans of slowing down that’s for sure. You can jump on board and take a trip on the ship by following them on their social media pages. Tell your friends too.

WEEDEATER made their presence known starting off with fan favorite “God Luck And Good Speed”. Fans were going crazy watching Dixie Dave Collins (bass/vocals) kick back his bass from behind while he belted out the lyrics. His growling voice makes it that more intense. Walking up and down the stage yelling out “Wizard Fight” as they started playing he had the crowd jumping, raising their fists up high. Everyone wishes they had a cool crazy friend like Collins. Band mate and co-founder Dave Shepard’s riffs along with Buzzov-en bandmate Ramzi Ateyeh filling in on drums pulled everything together making it look so easy. Last song of their set was “Weed Monkey.” Can you dig it?

A large CROWBAR banner dropped and the crowd began yelling louder in  anticipation. This band is one of the sludge metal pioneers from New Orleans, LA. They opened up their set with “All I had (I Gave)”,  a fan favorite from the early 90’s. Lead vocalist Kirk Windstein later apologized for his voice sounding horrible, because he was still getting over a nasty cold. From the look of the crowd and their reaction they didn’t seem to mind. The band’s set list consisted of songs such as “Suffer As One”, “Cemetery Angels”, “Walk With Knowledge Wisely”, and “To Carry the Load”. CROWBAR played with intensity, comprised with an emotionally heavy doom sound. They left the crowd smiling and screaming for more.

Now it was the moment everyone was waiting for. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY walked on stage waving at everyone and eager to perform. The fans were truly excited to see Pepper Keenan back with CoC. He started off by saying “It’s Wednesday, a school night. I thank you all for being here.” First song was “Stonebreaker” from the In the Arms of God album. This song has so much soul, grounded with a hard heavy sound. The perfect choice to start off with and then they tore into “Wiseblood” as the crowd began to move their bodies fiercely. Oh, yes there was a mosh pit that formed as the night went on. Commanding the stage in sync were bassist Mike Dean and  original member and guitarist Woody Weatherman.

Their energy was magnetic and intense. Keenan asked midway through the set: “Deep cut? So it’s gonna be that kind of night,” and then they started playing “Born Again for the Last Time”. CoC played with a tremendous sound as if they were in a large venue, but it never sounded too harsh or overbearing. Either way the crowd would have eaten it up, because it was a night of the  finest Southern American heavy bands to perform in New York City.


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