Movie Review: The Dirt

Before I get started, I wanna thank The Maestro for letting me write this review of The Dirtthe harrowingly filthy story of the world’s most notorious band, MÖTLEY CRÜE. What this band is to me is what got it started for me musically and to put it mildly, I’m a die-hard fan. So onto the movie…

It opens with a scene straight out of Sodom and Gomorrah as a girl is squirting across the room and that sets the tone for the movie. The thing that comes across right away is that these guys are assholes. You’ll never see onscreen any band that portrays themselves in this light and rightfully so. There’s no way to sanitize this story at all and I for one am thankful that they didn’t. The actors did a great job, specifically Douglas Booth as Nikki Sixx perfectly captures the attitude of the iconic bassist and songwriter who had a mission to take over the world and found his partner in grime,Tommy Lee as played here by Machine Gun Kelly, possibly the oddest and best casting choice of the entire film. He captures the best qualities of Tommy here as a younger guy who was completely high energy and lovable kid-like qualities.

Vince Neil is played by Daniel Webber and while he does a capable job, especially in the scenes dealing with the illness and ultimate death of his daughter, I feel like his character wasn’t as fleshed out as it could’ve been beyond the parts of him banging everything in sight and being along for the ride. Mick Mars,As portrayed here by Iwan Rheon is given the smallest part of all the main four protagonists in this film. His lines however are hilarious and poignant and when he breaks down the fourth wall(which happens multiple times with various characters) it comes across well like he’s the most grounded person in the band.

The things I take issue with are the production value, which I get to a point as there’s no chance in the world a major movie studio would touch this in a politically correct day and age. The timelines are also way compressed and again that’s understandable too with the source material being as detailed as it is. Otherwise, I loved The Dirt and watch it with the memories of all the fun and killer music from our youth!!!

RATING: 8/10

-Jim Chinnici (The Jim Chinnici Radio show and bassist of MÖTLEY CRÜE tribute Theatre of Pain)

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