Lita Ford Knocks ‘Em Dead At The Whisky a Go Go!! – Los Angeles, CA 5/17/19

I don’t know anyone unfamiliar with the England born, Cali raised, Runaway LITA FORD. I knew the show at Whisky a Go Go was going to be an insane show, but even I was in amazement. I got to the venue just in time to catch the three openers before her set, and each brought their own bit of fun to the venue. The venue was already packed to near capacity and finding a spot was turning out to be a difficult task.

Fans stood shoulder to shoulder, crammed into any space they could find, even security gave up on telling people where they couldn’t stand. Finally, after waiting what seemed like forever in the hot-muggy venue, LITA and crew took the stage. The Queen of Metal looked happy to be playing to such a packed house of friends and fans.

The setlist was filled with sooooo many hits; it was hard to remember to take photos, and not just enjoy the set. Imagine a set including “Gotta Let Go,” “The Bitch is Back,” “Out For Blood,” “Cherry Bomb,” “Close My Eyes Forever,” and “Kiss Me Deadly.” I honestly could not have asked for a more solid setlist from her!!

Ford still puts on a show that screams hair metal and band comradery, singing and shredding with fellow axe-slinger Patrick Kennison as both guitars held up triumphantly, then over to bassist Marty O’Brien with the biggest grin, and never leaving the mesmerizing drummer Bobby Rock out of the circle. It’s always refreshing to see artists interacting not only with the crowd but with one another. Ford’s amp a few times wanted to join in with some feedback, but that’s rock! None of that pre-recorded stuff here!

This night was hair metal at its best, fans young and older all enjoying themselves, listening to Ford’s more than entertaining stories, watching her and the band conquer the stage with their presence and heavy sound. I don’t know what else to say. LITA FORD always amazes me with her live performances, and I refuse to miss her shows. I know when I go I will be laughing and smiling the whole time, and have a severe case of bang-over the following day from enjoying the music thoroughly. Forever and always our Queen of Metal! \m/


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