Slayer’s Farewell Tour Hits BB&T Pavilion Part II: Lamb Of God!! – Camden, NJ 5/24/19

It had been ten years since I last saw the juggernaut LAMB OF GOD. Yes, they have toured like Hell, and come to the Philly area a zillion times, but something always got in my way. Well not on this night, by cracky!! Not when they would be sharing the stage with the almighty SLAYER on the latter’s Farewell Tour, no sir. Oh hi! Welcome to Part II of Uriel and me rocking out to the bands on a glorious night at BB&T Pavilion.

The spoken word intro to “Omerta” from landmark album Ashes of the Wake had the masses going, especially since this one is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. As the band began to crush the skulls of those in attendance they also hit us over the head with “Ruin” off of the As the Palaces Burn record from 2003. One of the highlights of the set for sure was “Walk With Me In Hell’ from incredible album Sacrament, vocalist Randy Blythe screamin’ like a demon’!!

Oh, wouldja look at this (Ed Bassmaster voice)?!? Next the boys pulled out my all-time favorite tune in “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For” and I was happy as a clam. This record is the one that got me into the band, and when I popped it in on Christmas Day 2004 THIS is the track that made me truly fall in love with them. Seriously can you blame me? What they were doing on this album was the stuff of legend.

A double shot of tunes from 2015’s VII: Strum Und Drang followed with “512” and “Engage the Fear Machine.” These two fucking destroy, not only live but also on tape because there’s an intensity there that is palpable; you can FEEL it, especially in a concert setting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this has now become my favorite LAMB OF GOD album and the songs I just mentioned make for a very compelling case.

Holy fuck, is there anything cooler than the riff to “Blacken the Cursed Sun” from these guys? Uriel and I were having a fucking ball up till this point, and holy shit did this one just ratchet up the fury tenfold! We were both headbanging and throwing horns left and right, trust me. The Ashes album decided to visit us one last time with “Laid to Rest” which is arguably one of THE most perfect openers to a disc I think I’ve ever heard, and live it was fantastic.

The high-intensity set came to a close with “Redneck,” also from Sacrament. I was truly in awe of how kickass this one was live. The band was super-tight, and they simply would not be denied access to the endzone. Man alive, this was like a hammer swingin’ down on a cheating gambler’s knuckles in the back room of a casino. LAMB OF GOD put on an excellent show and was a perfect continuation to a legendary show. But wait? Who’s next…??



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