Alice In Chains And Korn Live At Dos Equis Pavilion!! – Dallas, TX 7/21/19

In the world of live music, there are often some tour announcements that seem odd right after they’re released, but it’s only a matter of time until the fans decide to pull the trigger on getting tickets to see only one band from these tour packages and probably check out the other ones on that same night. In this particular case, we’re talking about the co-headlining tour between KORN and ALICE IN CHAINS with support from UNDERØATH and some odd band called Ho99o9 (apparently pronounced “Horror”, which is terrifying).

The three important bands on this tour have some good history as representatives of a small sub-genre of music that bonds us. Even though  UNDERØATH was placed lower than usual (at least for them) in the bill, their music was the proper place to increase their fanbase and also build some excitement for the following two bands to see. These were the reasons why Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, TX was almost at capacity, even when the ticket sales were very loose during the first few weeks after they went up.

I have to admit that I was never a fan of ALICE IN CHAINS. Even though I was planning to show up with an open mind, I found some free time in my agenda to check out some of their songs before “game day”, and I’m so glad that I did. This rock band has a decent variety of music in their repertoire, and the majority of their songs offer a very strong vibe that can make you keep listening to them on and on. Some of their songs might be overplayed on radio, but the rest of their music is actually better than the typical music we’re exposed to on the airwaves.

ALICE IN CHAINS started their set with “We Die Young”, followed by “The One You Know” from their newest album Rainier Fog (out now, BMG). Up next, other songs like “Check My Brain” (which has a great chorus), “Again” and my personal favorite “Them Bones” blasted through the speakers to shake the audience off and make their money well spent. The set continued to be built into a particularly long one, adding the jamming song “Dam That River”, “Hollow”, “Rainier Fog” and “No Excuses”. Along this mix, we found material to rock out to or just have a good time, depending on the likes of the concertgoers.

For the last few songs, AIC brought up some of their more recognized hits that included “Nutshell”, “Bleed the Freak”, “Angry Chair”, the ultra popular “Man in the Box”, only to finish their portion of the show with “Would?” (which will never be my type of song, but that’s just me) and “Rooster”. Since ALICE IN CHAINS started to exist, we can’t deny that they’ve never played metal music, but I can share that I was surprised at how open the crowd was to listen to a different kind of rock before losing their guts to the Nu-Metal icons who were up next.

The day was excessively hot, the crowd was getting ready for the big act of the night, and once the lights turned off, KORN appeared in the stage to break the amplifiers with “Here To Stay”, which is probably one of their heaviest songs ever released. Right after the last riff they jumped into their all-time classic “Blind”, only to make a big portion of the audience lose their mind and make sure they’re ready for what’s next. KORN quickly continued with “Divine,” from their self-titled album, which is something that they rarely play.

The crowd seemed ready to take any other song from the headlining band, and without wasting any more time, one of my favorites, “Somebody Someone” from Issues grabbed me by surprise and made me the happiest being alive. The Californian band also premiered their newest single, “You’ll Never Find Me” on this tour, followed by “Twisted Transistor”, which had a different sound from the original audio due to the overuse of technical effects in the later one.

We got to pretty much to the first half of the show when Jonathan Davis pulled his bagpipes to cheer the crowd on. KORN makes this act very unique and a special connection with the crowd, even for a couple of minutes. After this, the bagpipe sound was connected with “Shoots and Ladders”, from their first album, followed by a snippet of “One”, by the biggest heavy metal band of all time: METALLICA. Things only aimed to get much better from an already energetic show.

The next tracks were the most golden gift that I could receive. I’m aware that KORN is not one of the greatest bands of all time, but I recognize that all of us have some kind of bond with those that were a special part of our past years. KORN, and their albums Issues and Follow the Leader are a big part of my teenage years, so I was delighted to hear “Got the Life” and “Make Me Bad” back to back, along with a new track, “Rotting in Vain” that kicks so much ass and reminded me of the great time that I had at Chicago Open Air 2017. The iconic Nu-Metal band also played “Freak on a Leash” before taking a break and get ready to come out and give us some more music to end things on a high note.

As we no longer had any daylight, and our energy levels were starting to drop, the fans got one more chance to rock it out as hard as they could with “Twist” and “Coming Undone”, which included a snippet of “We Will Rock You” from one of the best bands that have ever existed on this planet: QUEEN! There was only enough time to play one more song, and as many fans accurately predicted, “Falling Away From Me” and it’s heavy rhythm took charge of the task of sending all the fans home.

Time certainly passed by very quick this night after three spectacular acts. KORN made sure their company achieved the crowd’s expectations and the people of Dallas received a fairly decent rock show to remember. Even though it almost looks like all of these bands play the same tracks every time, the experience is what changes, and that’s what really matters. Keep supporting live music and check this tour out. There are still plenty of dates left with this interesting mix of bands.



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