The Malice – The Unholy Communion

Once again I am pleased to bring you my review of an album from Swedish Death Metal band THE MALICE. After two bone crushing EP’s, here we are with a proper full-length record in The Unholy Communion. The band is currently seeking a deal to unleash this fury upon the masses, and hopefully someone wises up and enables them to do so via distribution or signing, a thing I have said time and again. In the meantime, you can buy a copy from their Bandcamp (link below). So, let’s get into this record, whaddaya say?

Right from the start it is clear that these guys mean business. Claudio Enzler’s vocals can cut glass, again cementing him as one of my favorites in this genre, while Hubbe Liljegren handles everything else musically. The guy is a fucking genius, you ask me. Opener “The Heirs ov Sekmet” destroys everything in its wake, and “Witchery” is like a full-auto machine gun attack from start to finish. With those riffs and brutal vocals this is easily one of the record’s best. “Purson” wastes no time in fucking shit up, something this band is very adept at. 

“Aeon ov Horus” alternates between being a tank division rolling over the enemy and an all-out blast beat blitz. It might be a head scratcher, but it still brings thunder, capisce? Meanwhile “Paimon” absolutely wrecks shop from beginning to end, as does “The Ophidian” which has melody in spades combined with a meat grinder of riffs and drums and bloodthirsty growls. We’re off at a gallop, blades drawn with “The Son of Midian” as everything shifts into fifth gear. With super-high intensity. 

And then comes my absolute favorite in “Possessed.” Fuck me running, this one just bulldozes its way over and through you, and is the track I keep repeating six or seven times before moving on. Closing the disc is “Bebal” and it’s a fitting way to wrap things up, as it is all piss and vinegar, much like the eight songs that preceded it. Finally hearing an album’s worth of material from these guys is worth the wait. Old School Swedish Death Metal at its finest is exactly what you’ll get from THE MALICE and The Unholy Communion. So go and buy it HERE, bitches!! NOW!!


RATING: 9.5/10     

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