Babymetal: The Fillmore Welcomes The Metal Galaxy!! – Philadelphia, PA 9/13/19

After AVATAR effectively leveled the joint it was time for BABYMETAL!! I don’t give a shit what anyone else says or thinks of them, I happen to love this band. And I will continue to do so till they give me a reason not to. Last album Metal Resistance was one of my favorites from 2016, and the ensuing tour was fantastic. I also made two great friends that night in Joyce and Tung, and we still hang whenever our schedules align. So this group is pretty special to me. But enough of that, on with the show!!

The house lights at The Fillmore went down and across the video screens were the words, “Are You Ready To Head Bang?” Then the KAMI BAND tore into “Megitsune” from the self-titled debut. SU-METAL, MOAMETAL and Momoko Okazaki took the stage with a stunning array of choreographed moves and harmonized vocals. Momoko is one of three rotating members right now known as the “Avengers”, with the other two ladies being Kano Fujihira and Riho Sayashi. She was clearly enjoying herself, and was more than up to the task of the live set.

The English version of “Elevator Girl” was next and it definitely hits harder live than it does on Memorex. Plus, it’s catchy as fuck. Two young ladies dressed in BABYMETAL attire were doing their own choreographed dance right next to me, mirroring what was happening onstage. Mega-fans, indeed! Another new track followed with “Shanti Shanti Shanti”, a tune with a big, thumping bass pounding up your wazoo, and some serious sitar action.

The song with the most attitude and swagger by far had to be “Kagerou”, though. The three ladies had this perfect strut, and SU-METAL just made the room hers. She gets better and better as a singer and performer, she’s great to watch. Halfway through the song it seemed like the girls shifted from Fierce into Super-Fierce mode, and it was just awesome! “Starlight” was another killer number and the show was moving along like the well-oiled machine it is.

Up next was mega-smash “Gimme Chocolate!!”, one of my favorites since I first heard them in 2014. The KAMI BAND really flexes their muscles playing this one. It was immediately followed by “PA PA YA!”, another new tune that has also become a favorite. I loved the dancing during this one, and once again the girls looked like they were having a blast. I know WE were! And would you look at that?  F.HERO appeared onscreen to do his part, which was a cool bonus. “Distortion” kept the crowd riled up in fine fashion as well.

When the opening notes of “KARATE” hit I about lost it! That hook is delicious, and it’s a rocking track from start to finish, especially live. Those in attendance were going nuts, which was fueled even more by “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!” The stage lights dimmed, and next thing you know SU-METAL was alone, backed by piano to start beautiful signature song “The One.” This was definitely a show highlight for yours truly. Judging by the crowd singing every word I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

The final number of the evening was “Road of Resistance”, yet another banger that featured band and singers killing it on all fronts. Man, oh man…this was such a great show! And after a dogshit day at work this much-needed musical therapy couldn’t have come at a better time. BABYMETAL is so much fun live that I will see them again and again whenever they are within driving distance. SU-METAL, MOAMETAL, Momoko Okazaki, and the KAMI BAND delivered the goods and then some, and I can’t wait till new album Metal Galaxy is released. If you didn’t catch this tour you missed out, plain and simple.



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