Tesla Tears It Up At House Of Blues!! – Dallas, TX 9/27/19

Although fall has already begun it’s still brutally hot in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. On Friday night, September 27, 2019 pioneer rock band TESLA hit the stage and burned it down with their smoking, ardent live performance and threw the coolest party around!   As loyal fans invaded House Of Blues Dallas the atmosphere screamed happy hour all night long, serving up a triple shot of hard rocking music with supporting acts BRAND OF JULEZ and BAD MARRIAGE. There was no doubt this was the hottest ticket in town!

Prior to entering HOB I immediately noticed it was packed with music fiends congregating outside in the smoking area throwing back drinks trying to cool down before heading in for the concert. And the party was just heating up! BRAND OF JULEZ absolutely crushed it and BAD MARRIAGE also delivered a killer set! Both bands were unbelievable and totally surpassed my expectations.I look forward to hearing more from these guys in the near future.

Formed in 1981 Tesla’s lineup consists of original members Jeff Keith (Lead Vocalist), Frank Hannon (Lead Guitar), Brian Wheat (Bass) and Troy Luccketta (Drums). Rounding out this lineup is Dave Rude (Guitarist) who joined in 2006.

When the lights went dark three large screens lit up. The center screen had a computer generated image with the TESLA logo that appeared to be rotating. It was really cool looking! The other two screens had bolts of electricity shooting out of them. The boys took the stage to a very enthusiastic fanfare and it was only befitting to launch their set off with “Tied to the Tracks” off the new Shock LP and it totally rocked!

They continued with “Modern Day Cowboy” while the screens rolled images from old western movies. This song is also featured in the video game Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock and in an episode of the Supernatural television series.

Heads were bobbing and people were screaming. “Lazy Days, Crazy Nights” was up next and when Jeff Keith said, “It’s for you Dallas” the hollering began. They followed with another hit in “Heavens Trail (No Way Out)”.  

The band was greeted with a warm welcome as they served a perfectly well blended set of hits from classics Mechanical Resonance, The Great Radio Controversy, and Psychotic Supper, alongside their new material. They really stirred it up nicely playing 17 songs.

Keith made a name for himself decades ago with his unique powerful vocals. He was on point, intense, delivered the goods and he made the sound come alive!  Another new tune “Taste Like” was the best of the four new songs and the crowd loved it too! 

TESLA is absolutely killing it with this new material! Continuing on they played “Miles Away” from their 2004 Into The Now album. The song is heavy on bass and Wheat pulled it off smoothly. Changes” was up next. There was a poignant tribute to the late great Steve “Steamin” Clark, lead guitarist for DEF LEPPARD. At the end a picture of Clark was posted on the center screen with “In Memory Of” on each screen. Decades ago Tesla and Def Leppard toured together and became close friends.

With his guitar ignited, Frank Hannon played a mean solo during “Song and Emotion”. Throughout the evening he and fellow axe man Dave Rude played blazing riffs and also had some fret scorching solos and when the two joined forces it was like a high octane explosion. Keeping the beat with fiery rhythms in tow was Troy Luccketta who is so precise he’s easily noticeable and I love watching him play.

The band also performed two other new tunes “California Summer Song” and “Shock”. Of course the obligatory hit material was delivered with “Call It What You Want” where Hannon brought out a beautiful pink guitar, and during “What You Give” old photos of the band were shown throughout their 30 years together. “Edison’s Medicine”, then “Love Song” began with Hannon playing an acoustic guitar then switched to a double neck. “Little Suzi” followed which is one of my personal favorites.  

While Keith wowed the crowd with his vocals his playful banter was brief and off the wall and misunderstood by the many inebriated people who probably didn’t even notice.  I was on the floor and we were squeezed in like sardines. Everyone was having a blast singing along and yelling for more! When Keith occasionally flashed his smile everyone noticed as he lit up the entire room. For the encore they sang an excellent rendition of “Signs”.

Thank you TESLA for a memorable and amazingly fun time of Lazy Days, Crazy Nights!  


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