The HU Live At The Fonda Theatre!! – Los Angeles, CA 12/10/19

I am always on the lookout for the next big metal act that’ll invade every playlist on my Spotify account. I have seen so many metal bands over the last 30 years, some stick out and some fade away into the depths of my memory and album collection. The group I am about to tell you about is one I will not forget anytime soon. When you hear the term Mongolian Metal, what comes to mind? The HU is everything you could want and then some.

The Tuesday night show was the end of their first American tour. I saw a video of them a year or two ago, and have kept my ear out since then. When I heard they were coming stateside ,finally, I jumped at it and put it in my calendar. The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles was fully packed, but what was interesting is how diverse the audience was. It wasn’t just metalheads, but people of all walks of life. Shows like this are rare, making them more fun in my opinion.

Ok, so what makes The HU such a hit, and why do I claim they are a must-see? This is a unique branch of metal that not only has classic metal stems and harmonies, but also cultural folk music to Mongolia. The band consists of eight men in leather tunics and ponytails, a traditional warrior style here! Two musicians play a morin khuur fiddle; that sound alone stands out as something to be seen. Match this with a jaw harp, multiple drums, guitar, bass, flute, and throat singing, and I have never seen or heard anything like this. 

It was a nice change of pace to see traditional metal instruments take the backseat here. The crowd moved and moshed, but almost no one could take their looks of amazement and enchantment away from the stage. The crowd continued the chant “Hu, Hu, Hu…” throughout the set whenever they could.

The band doesn’t speak much English, but speeches aren’t needed here in the world of music. It’s a universal language that bonds everyone. The show I witnessed is truly hard to put into words. But believe me they will be on your list of bands you’ll want to see over and over again. The HU’s first album The Gereg was released on September 13 and it is one that I highly recommend.

The HU are about to embark on a European tour, and have a list of festivals to come, so it may be a little bit longer before you can see them. Until they return, pick up the album, follow them on social media, and keep demanding that this phenomenal band return sooner, rather than later. I anticipate The HU being the buzz band of the year for every tour and festival. Enjoy, and you can thank me later.


Shoog Shoog

The Same

The Gereg

The Song of Women

The Legend of Mother Swan

Uchirtai Gurav

Shireg Shireg

Bii Biyley

Yuve Yuve Yu

Wolf Totem

The Great Chinggis Khaan

Black Thunder

This Is The Mongol


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