Dynazty – The Dark Delight

My dear friend Asher turned me on to DYNAZTY back in 2014 with Renatus and I was instantly hooked. 2016’s Titanic Mass was even better, and wound up one of my top picks for that year. Unfortunately I didn’t feel the same way towards their next record, Firesign. While not a train wreck or dumpster fire, I just couldn’t get into the songs at all. Well I am happy to report that is not the case with brand new disc The Dark Delight (out now, AFM records). The tracks are much better this time around and we get some big hooks in the Power/Melodic Metal stew. Want proof? Opener “Presence of Mind” should show you. A throwback to some of the slick grooves of yesterday, this is one I guarantee you’ll be humming all day.

“Paradise of the Architect” features prominent keyboards from guitarist Rob Love Magnusson which greatly enhances the sound. You’ll find him doing that all over the place and it works really well. Both he and fellow guitarist Mikael Lavér leave their mark on tracks like “The Black”, and “From Sound to Silence”, the latter being one of the heaviest tunes on the whole thing. There are even some tasty growls making it rather AMARANTHE-esque (Hmmm, wonder why). Vocalist Nils Molin knocks it out of the park on each and every song, especially with the next one, gorgeous piece “Hologram.” This was definitely a favorite from the word go. “Heartless Madness” goes heavy on the keys again, serving as a good complement to the guitars.

“Waterfall” is one of my absolute favorites, and part of the reason why is the rhythm section of  Jonathan Olsson (bass) and George Egg (drums). These two are squarely in the driver’s seat, bringing the rest of the band along with them. Plus, that chorus rules! Oh, and let’s talk about the guitar solo that turns into a dual lead break. Then more killer soloing later in the track, you kidding me with this?!? Hell yeah!! A nice mid-tempo move comes with “Threading the Needle”, then “The Man and the Elements” takes us on a rather Celtic-sounding journey. Being a first-generation American raised by Irish immigrants I can’t love this enough. Another album standout for sure, and fuck me running, here we go with the sweet solos again!

“Apex” ramps up the intensity with some sick riffs, while “The Road to Redemption” is an acoustic-flavored uptempo number that gets heavy at just the right moments. It’s another winner on an album full of them. Peep the slide guitar work, too. Title track and closer “The Dark Delight” is nothing short of epic in every way, shape, and form. It ends the disc perfectly. After a brief hiccup I think it’s safe to say that DYNAZTY are back to doing what they do best, which is make great metal music that we can sing along to while also banging our heads. The Dark Delight is excellent and I highly recommend it. Get your copy today!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Road to Redemption”, “Waterfall”, “Presence of Mind”, “Hologram”, “The Man and the Elements”

RATING: 9.2/10

One comment to “Dynazty – The Dark Delight”
One comment to “Dynazty – The Dark Delight”

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