Bleed From Within – Fracture

Five albums into their career and I knew nothing of Scottish band BLEED FROM WITHIN until recently. Man, I must be slipping. Latest release Fracture is out now via Century Media Records and it showcases a band in fine form. There are elements of Metalcore, Thrash and Groove Metal all rolled into one, and the mixture works for the most part. At the same time, when they decide to slow things down a bit, like with title track “Fracture,” there is no drop off in heaviness or intensity. On that front, the first two songs “The End of All We Know” and “Pathfinder” bring that in spades, kicking off the festivities in fine fashion.

Vocalist Scott Kennedy can go from growls to cleans with relative ease; either that or he makes it look/sound easy. Either way his delivery is spot on. The band around him all do their jobs very well also. Guitarists Steven Jones and Craig ‘Goonzi’ Gowans have plenty of riffs in their pockets to keep the tunes interesting while the rhythm section of Davie Provan (bass) and Ali Richardson (drums) stay locked and loaded. The breakdowns are especially well done. If you know me you also know they are one of my least things in modern metal, but in this case I found myself getting into them. This happens once in a while, not often, but it did here.

“Fall Away” and “For All to See” are an exercise in heavy, pummeling music and should have all heads banging. “Night Crossing” is the most melodic track on the disc, making it far and away my favorite. It also boasts a fantastic guitar solo from TRIVIUM’S Matt Heafy towards the end. Score! There is a big-time FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH vibe to “Ascend,” and that’s not a slag by any means, considering 5FDP delivered a killer record earlier this year. The album concludes with a one-two combo of “Utopia” and “A Depth That No One Cares,” both of which tick the appropriate boxes for fans of this music.

At the end of the day my first outing with BLEED FROM WITHIN was a good one. The songs are meaty, the hooks are hooky, and the band sounds great overall. Did I love every track? No. But there is enough good material here to make me a fan of these guys and want to check out the previous four albums. As I said before Fracture is out now. Go get it and see what you think.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Fracture”, “Night Crossing”, “The End of All We Know”, “Ascend”

RATING: 8.5/10

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