House Of Lords: New World ~ New Eyes

It’s really no secret how much I’ve loved the HOUSE OF LORDS body of work since I came back to the fold in 2014 with Precious Metal. They have given us some fantastic music, and I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of the last three album cycles. Welp, here we go with number four in New World ~ New Eyes, out now on Frontiers Music. As usual there is some great stuff to be found here, which is always awesome. The record was produced once again by vocalist James Christian, and he did a very good job. Guitarist Jimi Bell, drummer BJ Zampa, and bassist Chris Tristram all do their jobs admirably, and of course they shine again and again.

Right from jump you’re gonna see that this record is a bit different with the way that “New World New Eyes” opens things up. A swamp boogie groove meshes with a nice chorus, and it maybe tells us where we’re headed. I was completely shocked and blown away by next track “Change (What’s It Gonna Take)” for a couple of reasons: one, it didn’t strike me as the right tempo following the first track, and two, because it’s really fucking cool, so I got it. “One More” is definitely the most anthemic, rockin’, and kickass song on this whole thing! It’s also my favorite. I love this goddamn song, this goddamn hook, and Jimi Bell’s goddamn guitar playing!!

As we all know, these guys always find ways to make killer ballads, and “Perfectly (Just You and I)” is no exception. It is a very heartfelt track, and you can hear the realness in it. “The Both of Us” is another rocker that will have you going nuts, plus the hook is absolutely perfect. All of you in love, I hope you get a rush from this one. “Chemical Rush,” which was released as a single is interesting, to say the least. Without a doubt it has a very heavy feel on the verses, yet the chorus is almost like asking someone out. Hey, if there’s a couple that gets together because of this I am here for it!

The hook of “We’re All That We Got” provides one of the better moments for the record, and “Better Off Broken” is a good rock track, but it’s not a world beater. Then we get “$5 Bucks of Gasoline,” which I hated at first, but I’ve warmed up to it somewhat. “The Chase” is catchy as hell, and it really sounds like the guys are having fun, so that makes it a favorite, people. Bell really goes to town with his guitar solo, which should surprise no one because he’s fucking awesome! 

“The Summit” is very fast riff-laden, and it’s the best way to end the record. Christian’s singing, Bell’s guitar work just cement everything. Listen to me, folks! I love HOUSE OF LORDS, and they have once again done a great job with New World ~ New Eyes.  At the end of the day, I know people are gonna love many of these tunes, and of course they should. Is this album the home run the last three were? No, it’s more like a standing triple. But it’s still worth listening to ASAP. Because you’re gonna hear songs that will stay with you for weeks, months, and years!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “One More”, “The Both of Us”, “We’re All That We Got”, “The Chase”

RATING: 9/10

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