Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – We Are The Night

Guitarist/arranger Magnus Karlsson and Frontiers Music have a long-standing relationship, and with good reason. He has been a part of many stellar projects over the years, and let’s face it, he delivers some pretty cool stuff. That said, here comes the new album from MAGNUS KARLSSON’S FREE FALL, We Are the Night, which is out now on the aforementioned Frontiers (keep up). There are many singers who guest star on this disc, which I highly enjoyed. First track “Hold Your Fire” employs the vocals of Dino Jelusick (ANIMAL DRIVE), and he does a really great job. This is an awesome song that became an instant favorite, people!

Renan Zonta from ELECTRIC MOB provides the singing for “Kingdom Falls” and I have to admit, he’s really fucking good. This was my first time hearing him, and his voice is awesome. Title track “We Are the Night” showcases the fact that Karlsson is an excellent vocalist in his own right, something that was alien to me before this record. Noora Louhimo lends her awesome singing to “Queen of Fire”, reminding us once again that she is easily the best part of BATTLE BEAST, and will be for the considerable future. Zonta returns for “Dreams and Scars”, and once again I can’t praise the guy enough. Plus, it’s a catchy tune.

“All the Way to the Stars” is a great vehicle for CLOUDSCAPE’S singer Mike Andersson, as he goes all in and delivers a memorable performance. “One By One” is a galloping track with Ronnie Romero on the mic, and Jelusick comes back one more time for “Under the Black Star.” Man alive, this guy can sing his ass off, no? “Temples and Towers” is the first of two guest spots from vocal LEGEND Tony Martin, and Jeezus H. Christ does he deliver in spades. Listen, the Karlsson guitar work is consistently good across the board, but when he brings in a certain singer, well then it’s pretty damn amazing, isn’t it? Martin is that singer.

And yet, the best track on this whole thing is “Don’t Walk Away” which is sung by Karlsson himself. The anthemic nature of the chorus matches well with the workforce verses, and I have to admit that Karlsson really shines here in every aspect. Next up is instrumental “On My Way Back to Earth”, and it’s a very cool, refreshing song, kind of like a cold iced tea on a hot summer day. Karlsson simply goes off, and the results are magnificent. It reminds you just how awesome a guitarist and bandleader he is, because let’s face it, that’s the goddamn truth.

The disc ends with “Far From Over”, again with Mr. Martin. Holy fuck, how the Hell is this man still singing so amazingly all these years later? A slow number with a powerful chorus, this was without a doubt another album favorite, and it’s simply amazing. At the end of the day I truly enjoyed We Are the Night. Magnus Karlsson and his merry band of thieves have delivered one helluva record here, and I think most, if not all of you are gonna love it. I sure did! So make sure you grab your copy today! 

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Don’t Walk Away”, “Far From Over”, “Hold Your Fire”, “Dreams and Scars”, “Queen of Fire”

RATING: 9/10

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