Katalepsy – Terra Mortuus Est

Here I go again with KATALEPSY, the Russian Death Metal band I got turned on to four years ago. Their new album is out now on Unique Leader Records, it’s called Terra Mortuus Est, and in what should surprise no one, it rains Hell down upon your head. And once again this record sounds rather different from previous effort Gravenous Hour. That one had decidedly Technical Death Metal leanings, whereas this disc finds more of a balance between the technical and brutal. Some of the tracks will absolutely bulldoze you, and that’s a great thing, believe me. A perfect example of this is “Night of Eden.” it doesn’t go 60 mph, yet it does pummel like a sonuvabitch, that’s for sure.

Next up is “Those Who Rot the Souls” and there is no way this wouldn’t be a favorite of mine from the opening notes. Killer, headbang-inducing riffs, crisp drum work, and vicious vocals seal the deal with a flourish. Meanwhile “Deep Down Madness” is like an all you can eat Tech Death buffet. The rhythm section goes to town, and the guitars burn white hot. Title track “Terra Mortuus Est” is very aggressive, and I can see many chairs being hurled through windows when this track comes on; it’s a beast! “Kings of the Underground” has arguably the coolest riff on the whole thing, and not surprisingly that makes it another winner. Opener “Closer Than Flesh” most definitely sets the tone for the album, showing that these guys came to steamroll you.

“From the Dark Past (They Come)” and “No Rest No Peace” are exercises in sheer brutality, while “The God of Grave” starts out dark and sinister, then turns into the sonic equivalent of being locked in a burlap sack with an angry bobcat. If I’m being honest, I’m not really sure where “Neonomicon III” was going, other than Deathcore territory. This is the only tune I wasn’t hot on, but the band makes up for that with closer “Land of Million Crosses” After a minute of spoken words, the song kicks in and the guys fucking take no prisoners in one final assault that also manages a few twists and turns.

So, just like last time I am very happy with this KATALEPSY record. I think they have a lot to offer Death Metal fans, and their music is fresh, never dull. I’ve been playing Terra Mortuus Est a lot at work, and in the car, and I find myself getting more and more into it with each spin. If you like the band’s previous recorded output then you’re sure to be all over this one, and with good reason. Pick up your copy now wherever you buy music, and as always, support your Extreme Metal bands! Buy the music, buy the merch, and show your friends what they’re missing, ya hear?!?

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Those Who Rot the Souls”, “Night of Eden”, “Kings of the Underground”, “Deep Down Madness”, “No Rest No Peace”

RATING: 9/10

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