Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium

Been a long time since VANISHING POINT rock and rolled, it seems. Six years plus since their last outing Distant Is the Sun it seems. I remember reviewing that one in the early days of A&GS. I also remember being severely underwhelmed by that record for a first-time listener. Welp, I am happy to say that the newest offering Dead Elysium (out now, AFM Records) is much, much better as far as these ears are concerned. The blend of progressive and accessible songs really shines through here. Vocalist Silvio Massaro delivers some very memorable melodies as a whole, and the guitar duo of Chris Porcianko and James Maier light up the night sky with fearsome riffs and fiery solos. 

Title track and opener “Dead Elysium” makes a rather large statement that the band is back in a BIG way, introducing the new rhythm section of Gaston Chin and Damien Hall who handle the bass and drums respectively. This is one you can definitely feel in your chest. “To the Wolves,” much like the aforementioned opener, rides a galloping beat thanks to Chin and Hall, and features a chorus that crescendos nicely. Meanwhile “Salvus” is easily the best track on this disc. Everything about it is sheer Heavy Metal perfection. The intro, the vocals, and then the band coming into it ready to rock; just awesome! Plus, that’s one friggin’ anthemic hook if I do say so myself.

“Free” brings out the heavy artillery and is arguably the album’s heaviest song, while “Recreate the Impossible” is a call to arms telling us to rock the fuck out. “Shadow World” can give “Free” a run for its money on the heavy scale, and it is also a great tune. Closing us out is “The Ocean” and it’s a majestic way to end things, that’s for sure. Hey, when all is said and done I can 100% say that this Dead Elysium album is very good and one I highly enjoyed. Maybe this is what it took to really turn me onto these guys. Who knows? But as of right now consider me a fan of the band VANISHING POINT. So go get your copy if you haven’t already.

STANDOUT TRACKS: To the Wolves”, Salvus”, The Ocean”, “Free”, “Recreate the Impossible”

RATING: 9/10

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