Convulse – Deathstar

So, four years and some change ago I discovered CONVULSE with their fucking awesome record Cycle of Revenge and I was instantly smitten. Title track “Cycle of Revenge” made me an absolute believer, and I couldn’t believe a band like this existed. Part Death Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, and Groove Metal, this record has been in heavy rotation ever since. So, here we are in 2020 and the new album Deathstar is out now on Transcending Records. To me this title says it all. Trust me, the album is like a cosmic thrill ride. We get some 70’s BLACK SABBATH riffage that also fits seamlessly with the growls of Rami Jämsä on opener “Extreme Dark Light”, while things take all kinds of twists and turns with “Whirlwind” (fitting title).

“The Summoning” boasts a sweet, sweet groove that shows Jämsä growling away while also doing a bit of a sing, which was news to me. Then at 1:59 this fucker goes off to the races with some very cool guitars and keys that were highly unexpected. Death N’ Roll is the perfect way to describe this band. “Chernobyl” is one that I instantly gravitated to because of the infectious riff, then it hooked me even more with how the song plays out. Meanwhile “We Sold Our Soul For Rock ‘n’ Roll” is an absolute dirty boogie. Think Southern Rock with Death Metal vocals. You kidding me with this shit?? It sounds fucking AMAHHHZING!! Title track “Deathstar” is full-on the type of song that should make you want to break things and people. But that’s just me.

And now, here it is. My favorite track on this disc, “Make Humanica Great Again.” This tune swings for the fences and most assuredly knocks the ball over them. I’m for real. Listen and you’ll hear why. Killer guitar solos, a cool groove, and that chorus is catchy as hell, whether it’s growled or not. “Light My Day” is one of those, “Holy Shit, did you hear that???” type of songs. And guess what? CONVULSE has it in them. And I am confident they will continue to deliver numbers like these forever. People, do yourselves a favor and pick up Deathstar. It’s out now and I guarantee you’ll have a goddamn blast listening. It is easily one of my favorites for 2020, so go and do as you’re told!!


RATING: 9.5/10

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