D.O.G. – Anti

With all the election craziness and the general state of the environment that is 2020 more people are rightfully getting angry. Like any emotion, anger deserves a good soundtrack. This is where Anti by D.O.G. comes into the picture. Not only is it angry, it’s rightfully angry. With wicked vocals and guitars it sounds like the metalcore shows that I’ve been craving all quarantine. The kind of show where everyone looks like they can snap a pool table in half but they’re so nice that they’ll walk you to your car after the last set ends. 

D.O.G. first popped up on my radar when the vocalist from NY-based band BAD LUCK posted some of the tunes they released earlier this year. Finding good metalcore is a difficult task, because too often the genre tends to be unapproachable or full of itself. D.O.G. makes self aware music for the self aware listener. With song titles on Anti like “Ignorant” and “Fake Patriot” and lyrics to match it’s clear that this group has established themselves as not only standing against fake people and ideologies but that they’ll proclaim loudly that others should as well. 

This hasn’t started with just Anti, though. The covers for it and its predecessor Mental Destroyer both list D.O.G. as meaning one or all of the following: Death of God, Decency Over Government, and Debt of Guilt. If you’re looking to ease into metalcore or you’re looking for a good soundtrack to make Molotov cocktails as you prepare for…well…anything at this point, Anti is the release that’ll scratch that itch.




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