Lindsey Stirling Brings Light to Microsoft Theater – Los Angeles, CA 8/30/2021

Tours are re-scheduling left and right. I feel every day I read about a new one postponing to a later date due to the pandemic. These feel like dark days, honestly. But never fear; there is light if you know where to look. The phenomenal electronica/pop violinist Lindsey Stirling strongly reminded her fans how music can pierce the darkness. Stirling is on a US tour in support of her fifth studio album Artemis. It still feels surreal to be watching live music again indoors, but one show I will never miss is hers. I am always in awe of her liveliness on stage and how each show evolves more and more. 

Her set opened with the tour title of “Artemis,” leading into two more amazing songs on the album, “Til the Light Goes Out” and ”Darkside.” Lindsey takes breaks to explain some of the meanings behind the songs, explaining that light will always prevail. 

The first three songs are complete, and for photographers, that means camera gear goes away, and we get to enjoy the show as a spectator now. Next up was one of my absolute fav songs by Stirling, “Shatter Me” ft. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. The song is so powerful! It still resonates heavily after seven years! Stirling continues through her set of adventures, changing outfits to match the portion of songs she performs, taking the audience to another plane of existence. Most of the set was from the latest album the tour is titled after, but I was happy to see several original songs. 

For those still on the fence with her music, thinking it is just classical stuff, you are wrong. I recall hearing “Crystalize” in 2012 or 2013 on one of my random electronica stations, and I thought it was cool. The real admiration came when a friend took me to a live show in Portland, OR. I was converted instantly.  The world-class dancers, the lighting, her energy, and the worlds you are transported to throughout her set allow you to escape life for a short time. 

There are several surprises throughout Stirling‘s set that I won’t spoil. Okay, maybe one. At one point, Stirling is blindfolded and lifted a good 15 feet above the stage while being spun around, playing and not missing a beat! Her wonderful dog may even make a special appearance, hehe. 

Stirling puts on a performance that will entrance the audience, young and old. There aren’t many artists who can say that honestly, but her fans range across all ages and musical spectrums. Please go and experience the infectious set for yourself and enjoy. I recall Sharon Osbourne famously told Stirling that she would never fill an auditorium unless she hired a singer. Stirling proves her and all her doubters wrong every night. Who doesn’t love a story that seems bleak and dark but turns into a bright fairytale? Light will always prevail.


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