Anthrax – Anthems

Anthrax released arguably the BEST album of 2011 and of their career with Worship Music, and the ensuing tour shredded venues from Yankee Stadium to the Paramount and beyond. A year and a half later, many of us were asking “What will they do for an encore??”, and the answer, put simply, is a covers EP.

The title, Anthems, really says it all. Each of the 6 songs they do are among the titans of hard rock from days of yore. “Anthem” from Rush kicks things off, and yis, this raised my eyebrows, too. But they nail it. They nail it, they nail it!!

“T.N.T” from AC/DC is next, and is sure to be a live staple for years to come. Just this week, both Slash and Kirk Hammett joined the band onstage to jam on it.

Then there’s the one-two punch of Boston’s “Smokin’ “, and “Keep On Runnin’ ” from Journey, the latter of which features the best singing of Joey Belladonna’s career!! It is also my current ringtone, as I can’t hear it enough!!

Rounding out the collection are “Big Eyes” from Cheap Trick, and “Jailbreak” from Thin Lizzy. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest Thin Lizzy fan, and this isn’t one of my favorites from Robin Zander and Co, but the band does them justice for sure.

This is definitely a must-have for fans of Anthrax, AND the bands whose music they worship (see what I did there? You’re welcome.)

Standout tracks: “Smokin’ “, “Keep On Runnin’ “

RATING: 9/10

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