Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent

In 2009 Killswitch Engage released their second self-titled album, and third with vocalist Howard Jones. This album divided fans and critics alike. Which brings me to Disarm the Descent, released today, and NOT featuring Mr. Jones on vocals, due to health issues forcing him to leave. So, they welcomed original singer Jesse Leach back into the fold, and quite frankly, took a BIG step backwards, musically and vocally.

The first 5 tracks are nothing memorable, emphasizing speed, and screaming, with little to no substance. Finally, on track 6, we get something good. Funnily enough, it’s called “The Turning Point”, and is aptly titled, as it is one of the best songs on a sub-par record.

“All That We Have”, “You Don’t Bleed For Me”, & “The Call” are solidly-written, and Jesse sings really well on all of them. Then…we come to “No End In Sight”. Oy. Without a doubt, one of the worst metalcore songs I’ve ever heard.

“Always” is probably my favorite song. A simple, slow tune that shows some genuine emotion, and it really stood out on my first listen. “Time Will Not Remain” puts the musical foot back on the gas pedal, and is the last good song before the final 2 tracks plod along incessantly.

The deluxe edition features 2 live songs from when Jesse was originally in the band, “Numbered Days”, and “My Curse”. Putting these on here was a mistake. Why? It serves to remind the listener how good they were, and how they’ve become a shell of their formerĀ selves. Me personally? I think they were much better with Howard Jones than they are now.

Standout Tracks: “The Turning Point”, “Always”

RATING: 5.5/10

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