Hannibal: Series Premiere

I went into Hannibal (NBC Thurs 10pm EST) with some serious trepidation. I mean, why mess with perfection? Last time they tried we got “Hannibal”, the 2001 Ridley Scott trainwreck that I’d like to forget.

I have to say though, this wasn’t bad at all. The lead FBI investigator Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is just quirky enough to be likeable, and when the killings are shown from his point of view, they’re beautifully shot, and it’s a whole new way of looking at them.

Mads Mikkelsen, who many will remember as Le Chiffre from Casino Royale, steps into the titular role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, which is a monumental task to say the least. Good news! He doe NOT try to fill the shoes of either Anthony Hopkins or Brian Cox. He makes the role his own, and as a stand-alone, he’s very good.

The show’s one blemish, without a doubt, is Lawrence Fishburne as SA Jack Crawford. It’s Morpheus meets Dr. Langston from CSI, and quite frankly, it’s kind of annoying.

NBC is pinning their hopes on this show, and a strong second half from Revolution to try and pull themselves from the ratings basement. Whether or not it works remains to be seen. Meantime, my interest is piqued, and I’ll stay with it for now.

RATING: 7/10

2 comments to “Hannibal: Series Premiere”
2 comments to “Hannibal: Series Premiere”
  1. I liked it as well. I have only seen Silence if the Lambs pertaining to this story and I have to admit that I was a little lost for the first 5-10 minutes. Once I figured out what was going on, I thought it very good. And Mikkelsen was a standout to me as Hannibal. Makes me want to see him in Casino Royale. Great review man!! Keep em comin!!!

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