Stone Sour – House of Gold & Bones Part 1 & 2

Corey Taylor is the very definition of a Renaissance Man. he has conquered nearly every form of media, first with Slipknot, then with Stone Sour, the more accessible of his two bands. The latter’s 2002 debut was an unrivaled masterpiece, hitting in all the right places. 2006’s Come What (Ever) May was strong, but unpolished. Audio Secrecy, released in 2010 was heavy on the polish, and lacked any real bite, but it earned them legions of listeners with its radio-ready hooks.

So what do you do after you’ve conquered the music world, written a NY Times Bestseller, and embarked on a successful speaking tour? Why, you release not one, but TWO records in a span of six months as a concept album, DUH!!

House of Gold & Bones Part 1 was released in October 2012, and comes out swinging with “Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero”, two tracks that fit seamlessly and get your attention for sure.

“Tired” stays with the radio-friendly sound before “RU486” pummels you with an almost thrash-like sound. Great song! The album shifts tempo with a couple of slow numbers before “Last Of the Real” closes the album strong. This was a fine return to form, blending the best elements of the first two Stone Sour releases.

HOG&B Pt 2 is the second chapter of a story that still makes absolutely no sense to me. If Part 1 was a slap in the face, this follow-up is more of a tap on the shoulder. In interviews, Corey says this record is “heavier” than Pt 1…WHERE?!? It plods along aimlessly for the better part of 45 minutes without a whole lot to sink your teeth into. In fact, “Black John”, “Peckinpah’, “Gravesend”, and ” ’82” are the only songs that bring anything closely resembling a ruckus to the senses, and they’re placed alongside slow, maudlin songs that made me want to climb out a window! At least Mr. Taylor and Co. had the good sense to put “House of Gold & Bones” at the end of the disc to end things with a rocker.

Overall, I really enjoyed Part 1, but Part 2 was pretty boring for the most part. I only pray they don’t perform the whole thing as one big opus on the upcoming tour. Also, Corey please, GIVE US A NEW SLIPKNOT ALBUM, ALREADY!! 

Standout Tracks: “Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero”, “RU486”, “Last Of the Real”, “Black John”, “Gravesend” 

RATING: Part 1- 8/10, Part 2- 5.5/10

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