Spartacus Series Finale

“When we again meet, I will kill you.”

So says Spartacus to Marcus Crassus in the Series Finale of SPARTACUS: War Of the Damned, right before all Hell breaks loose in the final battle.

Through 3.5 seasons of Blood and Sand, Gods Of the Arena (half season prequel), Vengeance, and finally War Of the Damned, Spartacus has satisfied my need for blood, backstabbing, SEX, and deceit. The gore is rampant, and the battles are fought in that slow-mo/rivers of blood style made popular by the movie “300” that I absolutely love.

The title role, first played by the late Andy Whitfield, then Liam McIntyre, is one of the greatest heroes ever to grace the screen. Both actors electrify with every word, and every action.

Gannicus, the anti-hero & Champion of the Arena, is made flesh and blood by Dustin Clare, who truly sets eyes toward purpose at series end.

Manu Bennett is Crixus, a man so full of love for Naevia, it sometimes clouds judgment, but makes for a loyal soldier, and bloodthirsty demon.

Along the way I have loved and lost many characters, and a number of ladies and men have bravely gone full-frontal nude for accuracy’s sake, and for that, I applaud them all.

What I know is this: despite what some will call stylized sex and violence, a more powerful and ambitious show has never been attempted, and will remain in MY annals as one of the greatest ever. It is hard to write this, as my heart aches with loss and my eyes are blinded with tears.


R.I.P. ANDY WHITFIELD, OUR CHAMPION (7/17/74 – 9/11/11)


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