Black Sabbath – “God Is Dead?”

Black SabbathFinally, we have a single, and release date for the new album, 13 (June 11th)!!

With slow, doom and gloom imagery for the first 6 minutes, this sounds like it could have been on an early Sabbath record, and that’s not exactly a bad thing. My ears pricked up at the 6:23 mark, where the real meat of the song kicks you in the solar plexus and reminds everyone that the ORIGINAL Metal Masters are back!!

The more I listen to “God Is Dead?”, the more I like it. Looks like June’s gonna be one helluva month for music at this rate!

RATING: 8/10

2 comments to “Black Sabbath – “God Is Dead?””
2 comments to “Black Sabbath – “God Is Dead?””

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