That Metal Show Season 12 Premiere

So last night, we were treated to the eagerly-awaited (sarcasm) new season of That Metal Show, starring the now insufferable, gone Hollywood, Eddie Trunk. New format, new set, new segments, same old blowharding (it’s a word!)

It’s really not very good. So, allow me to share with you the thoughts and questions I, and Mrs. Amps & Green said aloud to the TV for 60 minutes:

Mrs. Amps: Jeez, how many new segments are they going to roll out in one show?

Mrs. Amps: Sounds like they had some intern who was given the job by their industry insider uncle just whip up random questions. Neither of whom knows much of anything about metal.

Amps: Reminds me of the same fawning questions you would hear music journalists from the 80’s ask.

Amps: Are the audience members given questions to “ask”?

Mrs. Amps: I swear that these are paid actors asking these questions.

Amps: BOOOOO, where is Miss Box of Junk???? (Screen time reduced to 2 mins of Stump the Trunk)

BOTH: The only good thing is more time with the guest. Is the extra time with the guest even worth it with lackluster questioning?


BOTH: (almost in unison) The fact that TMS is in its 12th , yes, its 12th season and is STILL not shot in HD, says a lot about what VH1 thinks of the show.

Now, Jason Newsted was a very engaging guest, and Blitz from Overkill’s segment was cool, but they did little to hide the fact that the show has become a bloated mess, and Eddie Trunk really thinks who the fuck he is these days. I feel bad for Jamieson and Florentine having to deal with who this guy has become on a regular basis. I’ll keep watching though, so as to get my cardio in with my pacing and yelling.

2 comments to “That Metal Show Season 12 Premiere”
2 comments to “That Metal Show Season 12 Premiere”
  1. All I can say is, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!! You and Mrs. Amps are hysterical! I can actually picture it! As for Eddie Trunk, I’m surprised to hear that about him. Always seemed so genuine. The few interviews I have seen. But, you are the metal guru, so I will defer to you in all things \ m /

    • Rocco, it started after several seasons. The show had become this hit in the metal community, and Trunk was no longer just this unassuming down-to-earth guy from Jersey anymore. Like I said, he’s gone Hollywood.

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