I want to tell you guys about Painside, this killer band from Brazil. I found them while working late one February night around 2 am on Facebook, believe it or not, and I was absolutely blown away.  Turns out, they’re not that new. They already had one album, Dark World Burden, under their belt, and were hard at work on their new EP, Build Your Fiction, released in July. Both are on iTunes, and if you’re a fan of seriously kickass metal with a bit of an old school vibe, then you’ll love these guys. There have been a few bumps along the way, like line-up changes, and broken wrists, but the guys (Guilherme Sevens-vocals, Carlos Saione- guitar, Leandro Carvalho- guitar, Thiago Dominogorgoth- bass, and Eduardo Julião- drums) have emerged with a great attitude. Here, from the band members themselves:

“The dark lyrics from the first album are now gone. Now it’s time to talk about life under a new light. This represents a new beginning: a new line-up, new logo, new symbol and marks the start of a new fiction built by the band. “

I was able to hook up with Carlos by e-mail, since phone lines were not very cooperative, and I found him to be a fun guy to talk to, with just a great outlook on everything.  See for yourselves:

Amps: You guys seem to have a new lease on life on these songs. Is that fair to say?

Carlos: Absolutely. This time around everyone was in a good place mentally and musically everything just started flowing naturally. So when all’s well in your life, I think your music tends to show that without any effort. And if the listener can feel inspired by that it’s even better!

Amps: Was this caused by the line-up changes?

Carlos: It wasn’t really caused by it, but it did play a part. When new people come into the band there’s always a kind of creative energy flow to back it up, so there’s definitely a more positive vibe coming in.

Amps: The music is really great this time around. Are you planning on a full-length recording, or sticking with EPs for now?

Carlos: The EP was just a tease of what’s coming next. We’re already working on new material for the full length, but the process got slowed down a bit since I broke my wrist. Just a minor setback.

Amps: Let’s talk about touring. WHEN can we expect to see you Stateside performing these songs? Furthermore, when are you coming to Dallas, TX???

Carlos: We have plans for the US and Europe next year, so keep your eyes open. Anyone interested in bringing Painside to Dallas or any other place can get in touch with us at

Amps: What do you, or anyone else in the band do for fun, away from Painside?

Carlos: Everyone’s got very distinct tastes. Guilherme and Thiago are avid gamers, Leo’s a lot into guitar tweaking. Me and EJ are more of an outside activity type of person, so I enjoy hiking and hang gliding a lot especially since Rio’s got such wonderful scenery.

Amps: I think “A Caustic Romance” is my favorite song so far. Do you have one in particular that is a favorite track?

Carlos: It’s hard to talk about your own ‘children’ and pick a favorite, but I’d go with “Reject the Silence”. I think the vibe there is very upbeat.

Amps: What’s in your CD player or iPod right now? What bands move you?

Carlos: There’s a mix of everything. I’ve got some rock ‘n roll, some modern stuff.

My Top 5 right now:

The Winery Dogs – The Winery Dogs

Asking Alexandria – From Death To Destiny

Anberlin – Dark is The Way, Light is a Place

Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent

30 Seconds to Mars – Love Lust Faith + Dreams

Amps: What’s next for Painside?

Carlos: A new album is on the way, though it will only see the light of day next year. And at last, some touring in the US and Europe. Fans will probably kill us if we don’t keep our promise.

\m/ \m/

Here’s hoping we get both soon. Painside is poised for a major breakout, and you want to know them now. Get the album and the EP as soon as you can, and enjoy!! I have been since February, so come join me.

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