Sons Of Anarchy Season Six Premiere – 9/10/13

SoA S6

So, I just finished the Season Premiere of Sons Of Anarchy, and all I can say is “HolyMotherFuckingShitOnRyeBread!!” They threw everything but the kitchen sink at us tonight. Um, well I’ll say yesterday, since this won’t post till Wednesday, but STILL!! What a fucking episode! So many things happened, it’s impossible to really talk about it without giving things away. But I’ll try.

We start off a week after the events of last season, and the club is in absolute turmoil. They are splintered into pieces, and we don’t know if they’ll ever be whole again. Jax is as conflicted as ever, and Tara is barely holding it together in jail. Meanwhile Gemma is secretly loving all this, whether she wants to admit it or not. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- she needs to GO!! Who turned Tara in is a focal point of this episode, too. Bobby is still on the outs, and Juice comes home to roost, much to the chagrin of Chibs. Rusty Coones from Attika7 reprises his role as Quinn as well.

Poor Otto is in a world of hell, courtesy of Donal Logue’s retired Marshal Hell bent on revenge, and Clay isn’t faring much better in jail, either. Odd, since we thought he’d be taken care of already. But it wouldn’t be a show without him, so I guess he’s gonna stay alive. Jax and the club are also firmly ensconced with Nero (Jimmy Smits), and together they have to squash a problem early on. Peter Weller shows up as a crooked ex-cop running girls, and Kim Dickens plays a madam who has her sights set on Jax to perfection. I have loved her in everything she’s ever done, so I hope she stays around for a while.

A lot happens in the 93 minute premiere, and I refuse to ruin it for anyone, so just watch and see for yourselves. All I can say is: This promises to be THE most insane season of Sons Of Anarchy yet!! So get those shots ready, line ‘em up, and enjoy the ride!

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