Top 5 Nonmetal Songs About METAL!

In my quest to cure metal writers block I often look to nonmetal sources for words-piration.

This year, I noticed more so that many nonmetal jams are actually filled with metal culture (rejoice, metal nerds because we are obviously taking over)On the list front, here are my top 5 picks for nonmetal songs about METAL!

5. Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – “Moshpit Lovers”

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster - "Moshpit Lovers"

Nothing says metal like sweaty bodies colliding across the concrete at full force into each other. Moshing, get in or get the F out! But can you find love amidst the bone crushing? Lissi Dancefloor Disaster seems to find something on the beer soaked mosh floor. Making the list for nothing more than the awkward awesomeness of this song’s music video; words are pointless, just watch!

4. Lady GaGa – “Heavy Metal Lover”

Lady GaGa - “Heavy Metal Lover”

The future sex love sounds of Lady GaGa cannot go without mention in this list. Her entrancing “Heavy Metal Lover” is an ode to the land of leather and long boy hair. Not only is it common knowledge that her manfriend is a metalhead but the lady herself goes ga ga over bone breaking double basslines, and blood curdling screams. Turn up this dark dance anthem for a peek into the gloryhole of gritty mayhem induced metal loving.

Whip me slap me, punk funk
New York clubbers, bump drunk
Budlite liquors, bar slam
Move it, this is your jam
Wash the night, with St.J-ameson
Like a baptism, Heavy Metal lovers Play
Baby we were born this way

3. Man Overboard – “I Saw BEHEMOTH and it Ruled”

Man Overboard - I Saw Behemoth and it Ruled

RelationSHIT is definitely the topic of Man Overboard’s jam, “I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled.” Originally released as an acoustic track on Man Overboard’s Noise From Upstairs, the now remastered tune takes you through the struggles of young (drunk) love. In the struggling to stay in love story, a boy continues his routine of getting hammered and headbanging at BEHEMOTH shows, while his affection starved girlfriend tries her hardest to relay that their young love is drowning in a drunken sorrow of black metal despair.

She sent a message, she tried to talk,
there was something that she needed to know.
But now was not the best time,
the boy was drunk at a metal show.

2. My Morning Jacket – “Holding On To Black Metal”

My Morning Jacket - Holdin on to Black Metal

Close second to the top is My Morning Jacket’s Holding On To Black Metal. Southern, slow, and soul stirring, this atmospheric rock-n-soul groove explores the plight of a metalhead’s coming of age. Milling over the relationship between black metal and “maturity,” this standout song neither screams nor growls but entrances the ears nonetheless with the magical powers of black metal.

You’ll find out something is good
Oh black metal you’re so misunderstood…

1. Wilco – “Heavy Metal Drummer”

This alt-country(esque) tune has been included in Rolling Stone’s best songs of summer and rightfully so! Wilco’s little diddy about a girl in love with a series of heavy metal drummers is a refreshing bottle of concert nostalgia. Based on very personal memories, the sweetly written lyrics reminisce about the days where Jeff Tweedy would go check out his favorite summer metal shows and the the woes of love surrounding those younger years.

Shiny, shiny pants and bleached-blond hair
A double kick drum by the river in the summer
She fell in love with the drummer
Another then another…

Ebony JeanetteToday’s Guest Contributor is: Ebony Jeanette (@ebonyjeanettepr), an early supporter of Amps and Green Screens. Ebony Jeanette is the founder of Ebony Jeanette PR, a boutique public relations firm that specializes in personalized hands- on experience for its clients. When Ebony Jeanette is not head banging in the front, or moshing in the middle of a death metal pit, she can be found interviewing and reviewing the latest and greatest on the metal scene.

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