The More I See – The Disappearing Humans


Some bands just hit you right away. They don’t need to grow on you, you don’t need to warm up to them, something just clicks. Well, that is exactly the case with The More I See, who are making their Century Media debut with The Disappearing Humans, out now. In their early years the band experimented with tunings and toured Europe regularly which led to the formation in their sound; thrash metal in a drop C tuning. It’s funny because when you listen you can tell something’s different from the tone in the riffs, but it’s good different, don’t worry!

Right from the start, this is a heavy, guitar-laden affair, full of hooks and balls, too. A brief intro, “Crossing Over”, and then we’re on our way with “Rise Up and Start”, young vocalist James Cluer snarling away, urging you to “rise up, rise up, rise up!”.“Still” piles riffs on top of riffs over a tempo that almost stalks the listener, and then “Alone You Will Enter” happens. Clocking in at eight minutes, THIS is the highlight of the album! The chorus is designed to be sung loudly in your car, office, the gym, wherever. This is a great song, period.

TMIS show their softer side with “Mourning and Melancholia” a song about missing someone. Whether the mourning implies a literal or figurative death I’m still working out, but either way, it’s still a sad one. “7 Deadly Sins” brings the anger back in a hurry, and “Reversible” heaps on more riffage than one man can handle! It is another excellent song. So we’re what; seven songs in and no real dud yet? Good sign, right? Well, fear not, the thrash express makes a stop in your ear for “Spirit of Freedom”, then proceeds to run roughshod over your brains to blast its way out the other one. This was my other favorite after “Alone”.

“Beautiful Language of Lies” is the kind of song one of our redheaded thrash forefathers wishes he was still capable of coming up with. A perfect balance of the heavy and melodic, and I actually got a bit of that unnamed band’s early 90’s vibe from it. I have to say, the only real bump in the road on this record is “Humans”, another slow song that just didn’t do it for me at all. The good news though, is that album closer, and also single/video “The Eye That Offends” is absolutely badass! The whole band shines on this one, and it’s easy to forget that Cluer is only 22. He’s got the perfect voice for this music: rough, gruff, with just the right bit of melody so as not to overdo it.

Actually, the same can be said about The More I See as a whole. The Disappearing Humans is a great album, and I think this band is about to be on a lot more peoples’ radars very, very soon.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Alone You Will Enter”, “Spirit of Freedom”, “Reversible”, “Rise Up and Start”, “The Eye That Offends”

RATING: 9.2/10

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