Kill Division – Destructive Force


So three veterans of the European death metal scene decided to get together and form a band. Kill Division is made up of Susan Gerl (guitar, vocals), Richard Ebisch (bass, guitar, vocals) and Roel Sanders (drums), and their debut album, Destructive Force, comes out tomorrow via Metal Blade Records. This is a good signing by Metal Blade because this band will give fans of the genre their money’s worth. I’ll be the first to admit, this music isn’t normally my thing, but as I’ve said before I’ll try anything. I’ve found a lot of gems that way!

OK, so now that we got that settled let’s dig in. After a brief intro “Kill Division March” the band tears into “Mechanic Domination” a song Gerl describes as being about us and our increasing dependence on technology, which is sad but true today. Up next is “Fear of Life” that I liked, didn’t love. It’s actually kind of repetitive. “Locked Up Forever”, which tells the tale of Natascha Kampusch, an Austrian woman who was held prisoner and tormented in a cellar for nearly nine years is really good, though. This one is very dark and musically it is one of the best on the record.

The rest of the album was kind of hit-and-miss for me, thankfully with more hits than misses. For example I thoroughly enjoyed the title track “Destructive Force” but was not impressed with “Made of Lies”. I think the reason for this is the arrangements. The songs I wasn’t fond of kind of went overkill on the blast beats. Conversely, the ones I did like had some great time changes and breakdowns to keep things interesting. This is especially true of the title track. There’s never a dull moment on this song. The same can be said for “Distorted Reality” and “Generated Hate”. Good old-fashioned thrashy riffs are what drive both of these tracks, and that’s what I like.

“Master Manipulator” is another hit for sure. The guitars are nice and thick on this one and that just pulled me right in. But once again there’s another one that I couldn’t get into with “Sadistic Oppressor”. Can’t quite put my finger on this one, I just didn’t like it. The album ends with “Toxic World” that at times reminded me of vintage Kreator and is a strong closer.

I’m gonna say this again: death metal isn’t normally my thing. I never wake up with a craving for it or anything. But in the case of Kill Division I would definitely say that they keep things interesting on this debut album of theirs, and die-hard fans of the genre should eat this up like nobody’s business.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Destructive Force”, “Locked Up Forever”, “Generated Hate”, “Distorted Reality”, “Mechanic Domination”

RATING: 8/10

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