Gemini Syndrome at Verizon Theatre: Grand Prairie, TX – 10/25/13

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“Finally…Gemini Syndrome…has come back…TO DALLLLLLLAS!!” No, No, No, Aaron Nordstrom, lead singer of Gemini Syndrome did NOT channel WWE Superstar The Rock during their appearance at Verizon Theatre on Friday October 25, calm down. I was just havin’ a bit of fun because thoughts like that WERE going through my crazy little head on my way to the show. Bear in mind that they were here in February (missed’em), and they were here in April on my birthday (missed’em), so I was beyond stoked to see them live. Plus, as an added bonus, I was having a sit-down interview with Aaron and guitarist Rich Juzwick before the show, so I was bouncing off the walls.

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I picked up my ticket, met my buddy Jordan, and then made a beeline to the merch table to get a Gemini Syndrome tour shirt. After the interview (which you can read next) I sat down, ready to be turned into a Live Synner. Opening with “Syndrome” from debut album LUX the dark riffs of Rich and fellow guitarist Mike Salerno quickly wrapped the auditorium in a choke-hold, and refused to let got for the six-song set. Smash hit “Basement” was next and those in attendance were up and screaming, yours truly included, especially at the part when Aaron goes off toward the end. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening.

Drummer Brian Steele Medina played like a man possessed, most noticeably on the verses of “Resurrection” while his partner-in-crime, bassist Alessandro ‘AP’ Paveri provided the glue holding it all together. Aaron’s voice was sharp and angry on “Left of Me”, and then warm and endearing as he thanked all the Synners who came out early to catch them. Then it was time for “Stardust”, not only one of my favorites from LUX, but one of my favorites of 2013, PERIOD! The lights accentuated every note perfectly, and that set the stage for final song “Pleasure and Pain”, my other favorite, and my introduction to Gemini Syndrome in December of 2012. This is one I had on repeat for weeks after seeing the original video and buying the single, and to be in a room with so many others singing along was just surreal. Pleasure and PAAAIN!!!!

This was my first Gemini Syndrome live experience, but by no means will it be my last. This band means so much to me, as writers, performers, and most importantly as human beings. Their music has touched me on a level that I didn’t think was possible anymore, and because of that I am a Synner for life.

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