A Birthday Chat with Genevieve Rodda From Temtris


After a few months of scheduling clashes, I was finally able to connect with the one and only Genevieve Rodda, singer for Australian metal band Temtris. My dear friend Craig Howarth over there had been raving about them for quite some time, so I checked them out, became a fan, and just KNEW I had to have a sit down with this lady. The band is quite popular, not only in Australia, but they’ve really got a following here in the U.S. as well. One listen to their music, and you’ll see it’s well-deserved. I spoke with Genevieve on her birthday, and she was kind enough to chat with me on Skype for a bit about the state of the band, and the anticipated new release that they can’t wait to share with us. Check it:

Amps: OK, Genevieve. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Also, I have to give props to Craig for turning me onto you guys. He should work for you guys as much as he promotes you, hahaa!

Genevieve: Thank you very much. I’ve had an awesome birthday so far! I love Craig, he’s such a great guy! He really does, he blows me away.

Amps: Tell me how the name Temtris came about.

Genevieve: Just before Temtris I had a band Labyrinth that I recorded an EP with. We changed members, I moved to Sydney, and started hanging out at a metal club that had big crowds with lots of metalheads there. I met some people and we put this together. We sat down and basically went through the dictionary looking for good names. We liked Temptress, but when we drew it up, we decided it looked better without the “P”, and that gave it more of a metal name, and the logo more of a metal look, and it also made it known that there was a female in the band.

GENEVIEVE TEMTRIS 2Amps: The logo’s pretty badass, too. It’s made for T-shirts.

Genevieve: Llew, our guitarist actually did that himself, and it’s really good.

Amps: How are the final touches going for the new album, and do we have an anticipated release date yet?

Genevieve: The release date keeps getting moved. We had our producer move overseas, and we had to restart things. I’ve pretty much finished all my vocals; we’ve cut and pasted what we want where we want it. There’s always the nitty gritty to go through and effects and things. The boys are gonna whack out some guitar solos and then we’ve gotta make a decision who’s gonna mix and master it. We think we’ve got an idea on that. The plan is to have it out early 2014, so hopefully that all goes as scheduled. And then of course the label has to be happy to have it released at that time to distribute it as well.

Amps: So, you are a mum of two, in a band with your husband, and it seems like Temtris is gigging all the time. How do you find time to make it all work and get that balance?

Genevieve: It’s a struggle sometimes to fit everything in. Two years ago is when I jumped on Facebook to really help push the band, because my daughter started school. I have a son and a daughter, and I knew I couldn’t really use social media with one child still at home. Since I’ve done that the band has really taken off and we’re getting a lot of gigs, which is great. But, having to rehearse, recording, keep up with the promotion, having daily contact with people like you that want to do interviews, people that want to buy CDs, and it can get a little crazy and overwhelming, filling orders on PayPal till midnight. So, there are days where I’ve just got to shut everything off, not talk, and make sure my kids get time. But they’re really good, they understand it’s what I do, they love it. My son’s actually grown into quite a little metalhead, which I love. I’m really privileged, too, because my Mum lives down the road. Without her I don’t know how I’d manage to do it.

Amps: We’re living in a time where quite a few female-fronted kickass metal bands (Huntress, In This Moment, Kobra and the Lotus) are front and center. You’ve seen the pics of me with DORO, so you know I’m all about it! As a woman in metal, how does that make you feel?

genevieve at gig 2Genevieve: It’s great! I’ve always been a DORO fan, a Warlock fan from way back. I love Huntress, and Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy. I like the heavier stuff. I’m not really into the symphonic stuff, though. Not that it’s not good; it’s just not my thing. I grew up on Maiden, Megadeth, and W.A.S.P. I like my metal a bit heavier, and a bit dirtier. That’s why I love DORO, ‘cause she’s still got balls about her, and it’s heavy, not all pretty and sparkly.

Amps: I agree, I like attitude and dirt. That’s metal, to me. So when Huntress and Kobra came out, I was blown away by these young bands who sounded like yours and my heroes! We’ve gotta get you guys over here to the States, too!

Genevieve: It’s funny, the States is the one place that we get massive feedback from. When we released Masquerade we did a lot of promotion in Europe, and the U.S.A. is one place that has always loved us. We even got in the college charts over there, and it was just amazing. We felt so loved! I don’t know what it is, but you guys seem to really like us, so I would LOVE to get over there and play sometime.

Amps: Oh, before I forget, James from Florida says “Happy Birthday”, as well!

Genevieve: Oh, he’s a sweetheart! He messaged me asking if this interview was gonna be live on-air.

Amps: Not yet, but we’re getting there. How’s everybody in the band feeling right now? You’ve got this release coming, and you’re gearing up for a busy year.

Genevieve: The feeling is amazing. We did that film clip that we’ve been meaning to do for years, so I went and organized it and we just did it. I didn’t give them much choice! Now since we’ve done that people have messaged us because they were blown away by our heaviness. They were probably expecting something symphonic, you know? It’s been really positive for us since we got that out, and people have shared it overseas, and that’s really got us pumped. But we wanna make sure we get the album just right before we release it. We’ve got people counting on us to put out a quality release.

Amps: As far as writing goes, how is that handled?

Genevieve: A lot of the time Llew writes a piece of music and gives it to me, and I’ll come up with an idea for words. Sometimes a song comes out in rehearsal from a jam. And sometimes they’ll be the best songs, you know? Other times a song will come in composed from top to bottom, and the rest of the band gets ahold of it, and it’s changed quite a bit by the end.

Amps: Who are you listening to these days? Who’s got your attention?

Genevieve: Believe it or not I love the Ghost album. And I was really shocked when I listened to them because I thought it was gonna be metal and it’s not, but I quite loved it. I’m a really big Flotsam and Jetsam fan, Testament. I’ve actually got Testament on in the background now. The latest Helloween is awesome, and another band I recently got ahold of through the label is Nergard. If you haven’t heard them, check them out.

Of course I’m still an old school girl. I love my Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy, Queensrÿche, that new singer is fantastic. If I have to warm up the vocals there’s nothing like putting on a Queensrÿche album. The standards are always top of the pile for me.

Amps: Is there anything you’d like to say to the Temtris fans worldwide?

Genevieve: Thank you so much for all your support. You are all awesome, and such a wicked fanbase. I really appreciate everything you guys do for me. And I hope we can get over to the U.S. and show you guys what we’re made of. I wanna fly over there, play some shows, and have a drink with you guys! ‘Cause that’s what it’s all about. We’re a big metal family, I love you!

There it is, guys. Genevieve Rodda. Temtris. Get to know these names; because 2014 promises to be a massive year for them, and if the rest of the guys are even half as nice as she is, things will happen sooner rather than later.

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