Generation Kill – We’re All Gonna Die


Generation Kill is another band who is on their second album that I knew nothing about. Due out November 26 via Nuclear Blast Records, We’re All Gonna Die is sort of a mish-mosh of styles. One look at the band members’ musical pedigree and that’s to be expected. With that said, the music doesn’t really sound like any one member’s regular project, either. Obviously with a name like Generation Kill the songs are going to be politically charged, and if that raises conversation, then I’m all for it. Right from the outset this record is angry with singer Rob Dukes yelling, “You’re a fucking slave!!” over some equally angry riffs and drums, so we’re off to a good start with “Born to Serve”.

The dark and moody intro to “Prophets of War” easily makes it one of the album’s best, and when it takes off like a shot halfway through heads will be banging, I’m sure. I can’t put my finger on whom or what it is that the slow grind of “Death Comes Calling” reminds me of, maybe a little bit of Mudvayne, I don’t know. Either way, I liked it, but I question the change of pace so early in the record. No worries though, because “Friendly Fire” has us flying down the road pretty quickly, Dukes spitting venom all the way. Then the album nearly derails with “Carny Love”. I can’t even begin to describe how nonsensical it is. It’s just a bad song.

Mercifully “Vegas” pulls us out of the doldrums with some killer grooves and serious riffs. Same goes for “There Is No Hope”, an ambitious track if I must say so myself. Clocking in at 7:52, this one, much like earlier on the record, has a breakdown around the three minute mark and we’re not quite sure where it’s going, although the solo here is very fluid, and it just kind of fades out till the end. Closer and title track “We’re All Gonna Die” is just 2:45 of raw, unbridled anger and fury, and another standout. Overall I liked this record from Generation Kill. It’s not thrash, or hardcore, or punk. It is ALL of those things rolled up into one tight little eight-song package. And despite one or two minor missteps, it’s definitely worth a listen.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Vegas”, “Prophets of War”, “We’re All Gonna Die”, “Friendly Fire”

RATING: 8/10

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