Marty McCoy From Bobaflex Talks About Doing It All On Their Own Terms

Thanks to my friend Doug over at New Ocean Media I am now a full-fledged Bobaflex addict. All it took was a few spins of their new album Charlatan’s Web to do it. This band out of West Virginia flat-out rocks, and that’s all there is to it. As I stated in my earlier review, “It reminds me of a time when people didn’t overthink music. They just plugged in and rocked out. And that’s what Bobaflex does.” So, in anticipation of their show here in Dallas this Thursday, November 21 at The Boiler Room, I thought I’d share my conversation with one of the singer/guitarist brothers, Marty McCoy. Hope y’all enjoy, and I hope to see some of you at the show:

Bobaflex - MartyAmps: Ok. I need to get one thing out of the way, and it’s kind of silly. I know you toured with them, and I’m a HUGE fan of theirs, so I mentioned in my review that I thought one of your songs, “Pretty Little Things” was Nickelbackesque, which to me, is a compliment. But some of your fans (nervous laughter) wanted to rip my head off for it, so I hope you’re okay with it.

Marty: (Laughs) Hell, they write some amazing songs, and if it’s Nickelbackesque then shit, we might’ve done something good! I thought it was great. They’re one of the huge rock bands who put on an amazing show. They are UNREAL live; I’ve seen ‘em several times. People wanna trash ‘em for being so successful. You don’t GET to be that successful unless you’re the real deal, you know? And they NEVER stop writing great songs, either.

Amps: The new album (Charlatan’s Web) seems to be doing well. How’s the band feeling?

Marty: We’re all feelin’ great, man. Enjoying our day off by rehearsing and tightening stuff up. Everybody feels really good and it’s a nice thing to do it on your own and be in control of everything. We are the record label, and we have an excellent manager and booking agents. We’ve made some great contacts over the years in the industry, so we were like, “We’ll hire you, we’ll hire you, and we’ll hire YOU!”, and it’s working so far.

Amps: You’ve had your share of label issues. This one is your second record on your own label BFX Records. You guys definitely happier doing it this way?

Marty: Absolutely, absolutely. Things happened with TVT records, and there were some really cool people over there, and it was set up to be real good, with a big-time radio budget and all. I don’t blame anyone, though. Shit happens. It was a bum deal, because it all fell apart RIGHT as the single was getting ready to come out. So we didn’t have the machine behind us that we wanted. It was a bummer. Then the bankruptcy happened and we fought and fought to get our rights back. But we’re good now. The live shows are goin’ great and we’re pickin’ up steam, man.

Amps: I have to admit, I didn’t know anything about you guys when Doug over at New Ocean Media approached me about the band. He’s awesome and he’s really in your corner, it seems.

Marty: Oh yeah, he’s our manager, too. We begged him to manage us, because he has gone so far above and beyond for us that we had to have him. He’s an amazing person and an amazing manager, love him to death.

Amps: You looking forward to playing with SOiL?

Marty: We’re getting ready to go out to the West Coast and do a few with SOiL in November. Some shows that have donations for the homeless and food for those who need it. I’m excited ‘cause I haven’t seen those guys in a long time. We got to be really good friends with those guys while we were going through the bankruptcy thing, and they went through similar stuff. And Ryan wasn’t in the band, and it’s great to see them back together and doing real well. I haven’t heard the whole new album yet, but I hear it’s pretty badass.

Amps: Well at some point in the next week I strongly urge you to listen to the album.

Marty: (Laughs) Right on, I will.

Amps: Who does the writing?

Bobaflex - vid

Check out the official music video “Bad Man”

Marty: All five of us. All of us write, so we did this record in about three weeks. There was no stress, nothing. It’s like, “I got a song.” “Well, let’s see!”. Plus, our bass player Jerod (Mankin) can sing lead real well. He sings it in the middle of “Losing My Mind”. Dave (Tipple, guitar) is a hellacious singer, too. Tommy (Johnson, drums) doesn’t sing, but he CAN sing. He just doesn’t want to.

Amps: What’s the next move? How long are we gonna be on the road, how does the Bobaflex machine work?

Marty: We’re riding the single “Bad Man” right now, but we’re gonna be out real soon. We’re chompin’ at the bit like, “What the fuck are we doin’ home??” We’ll be out all of November and December, and just push as hard as we can. Then load up, push another single, and another, just do it all on our own. Even if you don’t have a number one hit, if you’ve got a couple in the 40’s, 30’s, or 20’s, it can’t hurt, right?

Amps: So, the intro to the album. Someone really left you guys a nasty message like that?

Marty: Oh, yeah. That really happened (laughing)!

Amps: Who else would you like to tour with?

Marty: I wanna go out with Bullet For My Valentine. They’re awesome!

Amps: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Marty: Thanks for everything! They’re the reason why we’re here and they’re amazing! They come out and spread the word, just unbelievable. We’re rehearsin’ our asses off so we don’t let ‘em down.


Bobaflex is coming to your city, and they’re coming to rock.

Don’t miss this band, guys. I am SO excited for my first show this Thursday November 21, and I can’t wait!

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