Bobaflex Bring the Heat to the Boiler Room: Dallas, TX – 11/21/13

Bobaflex - Boiler Room - McCoy BrosOn a cold, rainy Thursday night I made my way to Deep Ellum. Why? To catch Bobaflex at the Boiler Room, of course!

After an album review, and an interview with singer/guitarist Marty McCoy not too long ago, it was finally time to catch these boys in action. First up though, a pre-gig Jagerbomb with the man for luck, and a brief chat with brother/singer/guitarist Shaun McCoy for a few. And with that, it was time for Bobaflex to do what they do.

Opening with a pair of heavy hitters in “Chemical Valley” and “Low Life”, Shaun McCoy was on lead vocals, with the rest of the band adding their backups.

Bobaflex songs have really thick vocal arrangements, and live they went off without a hitch. This was especially true on “Rise”, the third song in a row off of 2011’s Hell In My Heart album. The energy on this one is contagious, too, and everyone was soon movin’ and groovin’, especially some of the ladies who had CLEARLY had a few. This band is high-energy, and live they take no prisoners.

Now it was time for “Pretty Little Things” and “I’m Glad You’re Dead” off recently released Charlatan’s Web, two of my favorites, and in-person they really sounded fantastic. At this point Marty took the helm on lead vocals, and would stay there for a while. Going back to Hell In My Heart, “Vampire” was next, featuring a chug-a-lug guitar line on the verses, and some bass Bobaflex - Boiler Room - Jerrodpops from Jerod Mankin, who is lively and animated all night on every song, and so much fun to watch!

The slow crunch of “Slave” soon followed, before the guys launched into current single “Bad Man” which is a delicious piece of rockin’ swamp boogie that is currently tearing up rock radio, and with good reason.

“Home” is one of those songs that starts out soft and warm, like an old blanket draped around your shoulders on a cold night much like that one, and then it kicks in, telling the tale of a road-weary band, and was definitely one of the evening’s highlights. The lyrics can be applied to any hard-working band in this day and age. Dave Tipple’s solo really burns on this one, and the band dropping out at just the right times makes this arguably one of the best Bobaflex songs, period.

Drummer Tommy Johnson was in the driver’s seat for “Losing My Mind” before Jerod and Marty did a song called “Blackbird” just the two of them. This segued into an AMAZING cover of “The Sound of Silence”, yes THAT song!!

I can’t stress enough how good this band is vocally, and their harmonies are on point. Once again, Tommy steered the ship for “Never Coming Back” at times looking like he was gonna knock the skins off his kit before closer and clear crowd favorite “Bury Me With My Guns” ended the hour-long set with a bang (pun intended).

I have to say, despite the late hour (show didn’t start till 12:30), and the fact that they’re ripping the shit out of the surrounding streets to the Boiler Room, the crowd’s enthusiasm wasn’t dampened one bit. Truth be told, I had an absolute ball rocking with Bobaflex, and I told Marty and Shaun afterwards they’ve got a friend and fan in Dallas for life.

Bobaflex - Boiler Room - Marty

Knowing how much they love being out on the road, I have a feeling it won’t be long before I get to enjoy another kickass Bobaflex show. And if they’re hitting your city, I strongly suggest you catch them. You’ll get your money’s worth and then some.

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