EZ Livin’ – Firestorm


OK, so a while back my friend at another site asked me to take a look at Firestorm, the latest offering from EZ LIVIN’, a band that had a one-off some years ago and is now back, featuring original and founding member Hans Ziller (BONFIRE) on guitars and former ACCEPT vocalist David Reece on vocals. The rest of the players are a bunch of guys whose names I’ll forget as soon as this write-up is done. Mixing and mastering was handled by keyboardist extraordinaire Alessandro Del Vecchio who usually has a very good ear, not in this case however. I’m sorry but this album just sucks. Think 80’s clichés, and not the good ones, that went along with the hair bands of the time. This is just as bad, oy. And that name…EZ LIVIN’. What in the name of all that is holy?!?

The first two tracks, “That’s How He Rocks” and “Loaded Gun” (are you KIDDING me with this nonsense?) are awful, just awful. I don’t know what the hell these people are on, but keep it away from me. Oh look, the acoustic-electric ballad makes an appearance! “Let’s Fly Away” may just be on a par with polka as some of the worst music I’ve ever heard. By the way David Reece sounds like dogshit on this and most of the other songs. The delivery is so over the top that by the time it was all over I was curled up in the fetal position. Now comes the overly-long keyboard intro to “Easy Living” followed by yet another unlistenable turd of a song that made me wanna slice open a vein then flush my head down the Toilet of Hell. URIAH HEEP should sue the balls off them for this ruination.

On “The Damage Is Done” the band is doing their best WHITESNAKE impression, who I happen to love beyond words. This however is the type of song that would cause prison riots if it was piped into the yard. Oh yay, a synth-heavy three-chord mid-tempo number. Gee, I’ve never heard THIS before!! I swear my so-called “friend” hates me. That’s the ONLY explanation for him sending me this. To be fair though, I am a rotten little prick, so it’s definitely warranted. Good news! I managed to find ONE song that wasn’t bad, “Into the Night”. It’s heavy, has some balls, and didn’t make me wanna end it all, so that’s good, right?

I am telling you people right now. Stay away from this miserable excuse for an album. EZ LIVIN’ should pack it in and never unleash this in a live setting. And Mr. Ziller needs to find a new vocalist or resign himself to instrumental records from here on out. I gotta go flush out my ears now. Bye!


RATING: 1/10

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