Dorydrive – Here’s To You


A while ago I received a copy of DORYDRIVE’S second album Here’s To You. I gave it a cursory listen, but with all the madness of our move to the new HQ I wasn’t able to give it proper attention until recently. The more I listen to it the more I like it. This is simply good, honest songwriting with catchy hooks and an overall positive and enthusiastic vibe. It’s not hard to see quite a few of these tracks charting highly on rock radio. Plus, some of them are tailor-made to drive the ladies wild, and many are total driving songs, my favorite kind.

The first two, “Radiate” and “Paramour” show former ECHOVALVE vocalist Mathieu Nevitt to be quite the emotional singer both lyrically and in delivery. First single, the title track “Here’s to You” is so goddamn addictive, like musical crack. I can see this one being sung in arenas all over the world one day. Yep, it’s that good, and was placed on a driving mix I made in about 30 seconds. “Tattooed” was another one that had me at hello, with its high-flying-pick-up-the-pace choruses. The guys go for a bit of a dance-y vibe on “Perfect Chemical” but not at the expense of their rock sound which is still there in spades, and this combo proves to be a winner.

Piano ballad “When the Lights Burn Out” is elegant, simple, and sparse. This is the kind of song that could go either way; in a great direction, or the one-way ticket to Cheeseville. Thankfully, it’s the former. This is the type of song that you listen to with the liner notes in hand, reading the lyrics until you have them memorized. Remember when you used to do that? Some of us still do, believe me. A flair for the country side of thangs shows up for “Take Me” and “Better Part of Me” is firmly rooted in 90’s rock. It almost sounds a bit TOO familiar at times. “Never Easy” has a similar feel, but is executed much better. Plus, the hook on it is great.

I really didn’t know what to make of “Dance Baby Dance” at first because to me, it’s anything but a dance number. It’s upbeat for sure, but it’s more pop rock. Of course that shouldn’t stop the ladies from shakin’ it at gigs when this one comes up in the set, which is a good thing. The album closes with a pair of slower tunes “All the Same” and my personal favorite “Your Gravity”. The former also has some country leanings, and the latter is an absolute revelation of a song. I can’t listen to “Your Gravity” once and be done, no sir. It gets played a minimum of six times before I can move on. Mathieu’s singing on the refrain is one of the best vocal performances I’ve heard so far this year, and even if the rest of the album sucked, which it doesn’t, it would get major points for bringing this song into my life.

DORYDRIVE are going places, it’s as simple as that. There is something for everyone here. And as I said earlier, it’s earnest and real. My advice? Pick up Here’s to You, sit back, or get in the car, wherever you do your best listening, and just enjoy it.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Your Gravity”, “Tattooed”, “Here’s to You”, “Radiate”, “When the Lights Burn Out”, “Paramour”

RATING: 9/10

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