Saying Goodbye To How I Met Your Mother


In September of 2005 my roommate Alex and I saw the first trailers for How I Met Your Mother, a new comedy on CBS. We had no idea what to expect, but we DVR’d it anyway. What we got was a laugh-a-minute show that managed to keep us in hysterics while simultaneously tugging at our heartstrings. For most of HIMYM’s nine seasons it was a grand slam home run. Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor, and Jason Segel were the epitome of comic timing in the type of ensemble cast we haven’t seen since FRIENDS and we welcomed them into our living room with open arms.

Now…raise your hand if you STILL get excited when one of your favorite episodes comes on in rerun. Me too!! From the “Blah Blah” episode to the Slap Bets to songs like “Are you free, are you free, are you free, are you free, are you free next Saturdaaaay…” (You just sang it, you know you did!) HIMYM gave us some of the funniest moments on television for the last decade. As much as I didn’t really like this current season, the finale was absolutely flawless.

Thank you Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for creating a show that will stay with us forever. Thank you Pamela Fryman for getting the best out of not only a great cast, but a sea of high profile guest stars from Britney Spears to Regis Philbin. Thank you, all of you, for reminding us just how powerful good television is. But most of all…thank you Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney, Ted, and now Tracy for coming into our homes every Monday and giving us something to laugh about, and in several instances, this one included, cry about.

I’m going to miss How I Met Your Mother…and that’s all that needs to be said. Goodnight, gang. See you at MacLaren’s. It’ll be legen…wait for it…   ~dc

2 comments to “Saying Goodbye To How I Met Your Mother”
2 comments to “Saying Goodbye To How I Met Your Mother”
  1. I seriously do not think I could be more disappointed than I am right now. There were parts of this episode that were amazing I loved that Barney had a daughter. The way he looked at her and nearly fell to pieces was just beautiful. However, killing the mother?!?!?! Are you serious? It broke my heart. This girl was perfect for Ted in every possible way and you just kill her off. On top of if it, this was a death that should have been dragged out should have been depicted differently to show meaning and Ted grieving but instead it seemed like the whole reason Ted even met the Mother was so he could have kids and then turn around and go back to Robin . It basically cheapens the woman into nothing but a baby making device. She was better than that. On top of that I liked Barney and Robin together I always have, so to have them get a divorce was truly devastating.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, its amazing, funny and relatable but the writers screwed up on this one.

    • You make some solid points, but I disagree with a lot. I thought that most of last season and ALL of this season was a complete trainwreck. That said, it’s always been a light-hearted show, so dragging Tracy’s death on would have totally killed its timing.We were already crying most of the time anyway. And I for one loved Ted and Robin ending up together in that fashion. Ted is too honorable to go about it any other way. Much like FRIENDS that hung around a season-and-a-half too long, so did HIMYM. But I feel that both of these shows hit a grand slam when they said goodbye. P.S. I HATED the Robin/Barney story arc, drive me nuts. Thank you for commenting, though. Please keep reading our stuff and I look forward to hearing more from you in future!

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