Ageless Oblivion – Penthos


Penthos is the second album released by AGELESS OBLIVION, a death metal band out of the United Kingdom who was been writing and releasing music since 2011. Penthos is out now via Siege of Amida Records. As someone who has listened to this album a few times already, I would recommend it to fans of AEON, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, and NEUROSIS. In fact, Penthos was produced by Chris Fielding, who also produces for bands such as NAPALM DEATH.

AGELESS OBLIVION provides an unrelenting, primal sound throughout the record that only death metal can produce. David Porter (guitarist) shows an ability to mix circle pit-inviting riffs alongside eerie, deviant noise which keeps listeners engaged. Stephen Jones on vocals provides the harsh, overpowering death metal gutturals that an absolute necessity. I come from a scene where death metal is primarily what is being pushed the most these days (which I am completely fine with, by the way,) so when I heard Penthos on record after a few listens, it did not take much for me to decide for myself that I would go out of my way to check them out live if they ever came through Wilmington, Philadelphia, Trenton, Baltimore, or any other closer venues on tour in the near future.

Through the 10 tracks on Penthos, I have to say that at least half of the album would be put on repeat when I listen to it on my iPod. AGELESS OBLIVION is a relatively new band that keeps listeners in touch with why they love the music they are so passionate about, which, dare I say, is hard to come by as far as new bands go these days. I would be willing to bet that if a music enthusiast went out to a show and did not know who AGELESS OBLIVION was, just like me about a week ago, that person would leave that same show wanting at least a demo. That was the kind of reaction I had to this record. I listened a couple of times and really found a groove throughout the album.

“Glacial Blood,” “Where Wasps Now Nest,” “Furnace,” “Penthos: Lament,” and “Penthos: Omnipresent” were the songs that I liked the mostoff of this album. You see, I told you that I could genuinely listen to half of this album on repeat at any given time. That is a great compliment, especially towards a band that I have listened to for about a week. As far as death metal goes to my liking, AGELESS OBLIVION had a solid release with Penthos.

“Where Wasps Now Nest” is a song where the music is just as good as the vocal screams and vocal patterns involved through its duration. I say the same thing about “Penthos: Lament” and “Penthos: Omnipresent” collectively. Out of all of the songs on this album, I will go on the record and say that these three were the best songs as a whole. “Furnace” really sticks out to me the most because of the great sample that AGELESS OBLIVION used at the end of the song. I will leave that up to you to discover though, in hopes that no one passes up the opportunity to give these guys a shot.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Glacial Blood”, “Where Wasps Now Nest”, “Furnace”, “Penthos: Lament”, “Penthos: Omnipresent”

RATING: 8/10


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