Holy Moses – Redefined Mayhem


Continuing straight through with some more veterans of the thrash metal scene, HOLY MOSES, keeps the momentum going after starting in 1980 with their upcoming 2014 release Redefined Mayhem. Only one member remains from the band’s first run from 1980 to 1994, before the initial hiatus. That member in particular is Sabina Classen, who has been performing vocals for HOLY MOSES since 1981, a year after the band was created. Every other member currently in the band is from the reformation. As I must admit, I am unfamiliar with their early work, but after giving Redefined Mayhem uninterrupted listens, I do dig the sound. In fact, of all the thrash bands that I have listened to so far (which as I have stated in prior reviews, thrash metal is not my forte,) HOLY MOSES did the best job of keeping me interested enough to go back and listen to the record multiple times and actually enjoy what I heard.

This is the group’s latest release on the Steamhammer/SPV label, making this album number 11 in band history (not counting the other 9 demos and EP’s released as well.) For the 34 years that HOLY MOSES have been a band, it is safe to say that they have nothing to prove in the thrash metal scene. It is already a rarity to see a female vocalist in thrash metal, which Sabina Classen has been doing since 1981 (33 of the 34 years that HOLY MOSES has existed,) but on top of how scarce that is in thrash metal, she is extremely good at what she does. In fact, if a listener picked up Redefined Mayhem without any clue as to who was doing vocals, I don’t think anyone would have questioned a single thing. That is how much Sabina fits into the sound. She is a complete natural!

After repeated listens to the album I can confidently say that HOLY MOSES are in fact as advertised. They are a top-notch thrash metal band with fast paced riffs that demand the listener to find a groove and headbang from start to finish. One of the things that I realized almost immediately that separates HOLY MOSES from the other thrash metal bands is that their record did not have a problem with keeping up on what is fresh in the metal scene. Thrash elements fused together with shredding guitar riffs and tight drumming make their most recent release a success.

Throughout the disc there were a few songs that continued to jump out at me as quick favorites. What HOLY MOSES did a fantastic job of with on this album was mixing Sabina’s intense vocal patterns with great, fresh riffs that offered something new for each song. On most thrash metal albums, the tracks seem to run together, but you won’t find that problem here. It is one of the few thrash albums that I can refer back to and not be bored with after a full play through. The tracks that stood out the most were “Hellhound,” “Undead Dogs,” “Into the Dark,” “Sacred Sorrows,” “Process of Projection,” “Redemption of the Shattered,” and “Delusion.” Okay, so I do realize that’s the majority of the album that I just listed. So be it. That is the beauty of a good record. I’m telling you, when the time comes that you see Redefined Mayhem by HOLY MOSES in stores, give it a try. I doubt you will be disappointed by any means (especially with the groove that cannot be missed in “Sacred Sorrows.”)

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Hellhound”, “Undead Dogs”, “Into The Dark”, “Sacred Sorrows”, “Process of Projection”, “Redemption of the Shattered”, “Delusion.”

RATING: 8/10


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